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As many of you can already tell, we put our hearts and souls into decorating and styling our home. Probably the area that we’ve spent the most time and effort on would be our living room. It’s where we spend our lazy Sunday afternoons, have our occasional movie nights (most recent movie we screened was La La Land absolutely love that movie), host our family and friends for meals and the first thing we see when we arrive home.

We often find ourselves going straight to the couch after a long day of work and it couldn’t be any more comforting to unwind in a space that looks and feels like a space that is “truly ours”.

People often ask us what our home and living room “style” is. Our honest answer to them is that we didn’t have a specific style like “scandi” or “modern minimalist” that we were aiming to emulate. We simply set out to decorate and style our home with elements that we love in a cohesive manner.

GREENS! Plants are definitely a fixture in our living space. Adding live greens brought our home to life (both aesthetically and literally). They soften the look of the home and create a relaxing and serene atmosphere much like the villas in bali that we oh so love! Moreover, plants in the home are said to reduce stress levels, clean and purify the air and increase creativity. We can’t think of any reason not to have plants in the home. Benefits clearly outweigh the time and effort it takes to take care of them. At least in our opinion.

We deviated from the popular “scandi” light wood furniture because we liked that the dark wood furniture from Commune added a touch of sophistication and our light-coloured flooring and walls served as good contrast from Commune’s stylish pieces.

A little bit about Commune

Commune is a furniture brand that believes in human centric design and strives to achieve a winning combination of intelligent craftsmanship, pleasing aesthetics and quality materials.

We knew that we were working with the right brand when they invited us to their workshop on Defu Lane for a furniture consultation session where they helped us select our furniture based on our individual preferences and even did up a 3D drawing so that we could visualise how our home would look like.

Sometimes we also don’t realise that the finishes and furniture used in our homes are all major contributing factors to healthy indoor air quality, comfort and durability. Commune stood out for us because it uses costlier but higher quality raw materials in its products which reduce the level of formaldehyde and lead to an insignificant amount. This keeps their customers safe long after the furniture has been placed at home, because it is non-toxic.

Things we do in the wee-hours of the night

With our schedules pretty much filled with back-to-back-to-back photoshoots, filming and meetings, the only time we have to style and make improvement to our home aesthetics is in the wee-hours of the night.

There was a time, we were up, along with my brother, during an ungodly timing of 4am trying to hang a picture frame up on the wall behind our couch and ensuring the centre of the frames, our carpet and our couch were all aligned. It’s a shame we didn’t capture that episode of perfectionism on video.

Ever lost track of time and stayed up all through the night because you’re absorbed in your hobby and passion? That’s us when it comes to styling our home.

*Our home, our nest of memories*

We make it a point to bring something back from our trip to add to our home, be it a simple magnet or key chain or a decorative piece that we find and exclaim, “omg! that would be perfect on our dining table!“.

It’s such a joy to look around our home and see items with fond memories attached to them; like the candle holders and posters we bought while we were shopping in the design district in Helsinki, the hand-woven carpets we bought from the most magically of carpet shops in Cappadocia and Janga block we used to collect suggested baby names during our engagement party in Bali.

We never really understood those obsessed home owners who spend hours upon hours deliberating the position of a side table until we became one of them ourselves.

Borrowing the words of Virginia Woolf, “For Pleasure has no relish, unless we share it’.

Like we always say, our home will always be a work-in-progress and we will continue to share our journey with you here and on social media.

Commune is extending a special discount to my readers. Quote “Melissackoh” to receive a complimentary leather cube stool worth $219 and a complimentary wine holder bag worth $59, with a minimum spend of $2,000. While stocks last!

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