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Our Wedding Venue REVEALED


So here we are, exactly a month away from the biggest celebration of our lives and I am feeling a surge of mixed emotions. Largely excited, with a ton of butterflies in my stomach but yet, admittedly a little stressed out by the sudden surge of items on my to-do list (which really seems never-ending) and a hundred of seemingly important decisions to make every single day. Like: “to spend to not to spend?”, “to have or can we do without?”, “alcohol or no alcohol?”, “to gate crash or not to gate crash?”

As much as I’m caught up in the entire bout of planning and preparations, I want to document every step of the journey for you guys to follow and for my own keepsake. I promise I’ll do my best!

The first step in every wedding preparation should be deciding on the hotel and BOOKING IT IN ADVANCE. If you choose to do a dinner banquet (like in most Singaporean weddings), it is really advisable to block it at least a year in advance.

Like most girls, I’ve been dreaming of my dream wedding – a once-in-a-lifetime event. I do not know the specifics of what I want like “cream or off-white”, “navy blue or royal blue” but all I knew was that I wanted a huge space for me to play around with, muted colours in the ballroom so that styling it up would be easy, exquisite chandeliers and an accessible location.

Immediately, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore came to mind. It was a real no-brainer for us when making that decision to host our family and friends at The Ritz-Carlton because we wanted to invite a lot of guests, so we needed a ballroom big enough to accommodate all our guests. We attended their wedding showcase a month back and it reconfirmed our decision.

Here’s sharing with you some of our findings during the site recce. We were first greeted by a beautiful lobby, there was so much natural light! Just behind the lobby, we found a magnificent staircase – a real work of art – leading us down to the Grand Gallery and the Grand Ballroom!

The Grand Gallery was so gorgeous and huge. When we first saw it, endless possibilities of what we wanted in that space came to mind. We also loved the full glass panel windows that were in the Grand Gallery and the Grand Ballroom which made the space look spacious, timeless and elegant. Honestly, I considered having our wedding in the day time just to maximise the natural light. The Grand Ballroom has high ceilings, grand chandeliers, an elevated stage platform, and most importantly, no pillars that would block anyone’s view. Plus they also have a 20-seater VIP table that is exclusively offered to couples at The Ritz-Carlton – perfect for bigger families like mine.

Later, we were brought to the wedding suite which offered an unprecedented view of the entire cityscape. Good chance that we could catch a full view of the fireworks if our wedding date overlapped with National Day. I am already looking forward to my stay on my wedding night and waking up the next morning in this room as the wife of Mr James Babs Chen!

We also made a quick stop at Summer Pavilion, a One Michelin Star restaurant, to check out their private rooms for our tea ceremony. I’m particularly excited about the tea ceremony as this is the only “traditional” aspect of the wedding that we are keeping. It was quite the perfect ambience for an intimate family gathering and better yet, they had the most intricate selection of tea cups and pots with traditional hand painted motifs at our disposal. Which colour is your favourite?

The hotel will also be providing us with the traditional boiled red date tea to make the entire ceremony for our family fuss-free. How thoughtful!

This is one of the many venues we are considering to hold our tea ceremony. Other options include Colony or even in our spacious wedding suite.

Most of all, James & I felt extremely at ease leaving our wedding in the capable hands of our dear consultant, Sharon. Sharon got to know us better during the site-recce so that she could understand our preferences and desires. She is all about making our dream wedding come true and putting our needs above everything else.

For a pair as busy as us, we are so blessed to have someone like her, and our wedding planner, Clare from Bliss Pact, who is constantly behind our backs, to keep us on track. Next up is our Food Tasting, which I cannot wait to share with you guys!

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