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Painting the town red

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Today, I’m taking you back in time to share with you a little behind the scenes snippet of our home renovation process that we had so much fun with.

Our collaboration with Nippon had us live out a day in the lives of their painters and to learn the ropes from them. Judging from how much goofing around we did, I wouldn’t say we were star students.

Nippon’s work actually begins way before the point where brush-meets-wall. We meet up with a project manager about a week before paint works were scheduled to start to discuss the paints colours we wanted in our home. They even did a moisture test on our walls beforehand to confirm the job is done proper.

Even for those home owners, like us, who want mainly white walls have decision to make. You be surprise by to learn about how many shades of off-white there actually are. Lucky for us our friendly Nippon project manager, Alan, helped us through the choices. We decided to go for an off-white instead of a sharp white-white as we wanted a softer look to blend in with our dark furniture and wooden floors.

Foggy Day

Feature walls are tricky. Or at least it was for us because we weren’t completely sure how “outstanding” we wanted the wall to be.

Subtle or Statement. That was the question. And where?

Ultimately, we went with a subtle shade of very light brown called “foggy day” in our home office. We specifically chose that colour for our home office because we wanted that space to be a little more fun, cosy and inspiring. We wanted a contrast in our home office from the rest of the house so that we would feel like we’re in a different “place” altogether whenever we sat there to work. They say that the colours used in office may be correlated to productivity and inspiration! Has any one ever heard of that? The great thing with paint (unlike hacking walls) is that there is still some room for error. If we decide to switch it up in a few years time, we absolutely can. And for fickle-minded people like us, I think we’ll be changing up the colours of our walls pretty often, depending on what we feel. That said, we are absolutely in love with the current look of it for now, and we have no plans for any changes in the near future.

Special Effect Paint (say what?)

For those home owners looking for more character in their feature wall, Nippon has a wide range of “Momento” Special Paints that will spice up your otherwise uninspiring walls. (Insert link to Nippon Momento Page). We really love the variety of things they can do with the paint. Our options were really boundless. Depending on each individual’s home aesthetics, some people use their special effect paint services for feature walls in their living space as this would spice up the space and add so much more character to it. We wish we had another empty wall to play with!


We were definitely thinking about the paint odour that we’d have to endure if we were to spend a day as painters. We (or rather our sensitive sinuses) were thankful for Nippon’s odourless paint that was completely close to scentless on painting day. This made the entire process so much more bearable and fun to be a part of and it allowed us to move in almost immediately after the paint job was done as we didn’t have to wait for any “odour” to subside whatsoever.

Painting the town off-white

Watch the video below to see us paint the town red or should we say off-white with Nippon. We had so much fun filming this video, but don’t let the goofy dance moves fool you. Painting homes is no easy feat and our recommendation is to leave it to the professionals.

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