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Styling this set of PANDORA jewellery was a dream for me.

I am entirely obsessed with the gorgeous blend of silver and gold, literally the best of both worlds. Intricately designed, well thought out, and beautifully crafted. They say that it is all in the details and true enough, it really is. Made of 14K gold and sterling silver, these pieces are finely accentuated with cubic zirconia stone, creating a striking visual effect.

My favourite of all is the pair of earrings– a simple design of two discs encrusted with concentric circles of sparkling stones. They add instant glamour to my outfit without stealing away too much attention. They’re subtly sophisticated, add a slight vintage feel and look effortlessly classy.

Adding to my jewellery are the charms with unspoken messages- kinship, love, independence, elegance. I wear jewellery to express, and these charms which I wear allow me to express my inner qualities and deep seated values. This makes what I wear extremely meaningful.

Stacking jewellery has always been something I love to do. Some like to keep it minimal, some say, “the more the merrier” but I say it all depends. This particular set from PANDORA is simple and hence, gives you the option for piling. In fact, the designs are beautiful when worn together as they are beautifully complementary. Yet, a single piece on it’s own is outstanding as well, with it’s fine and intricate detailing and attention-grabbing design.

Depending on the occasion, I’d do it differently. And that’s the best part about accessorising. The experimentation! Now go have fun with it, just the way I did!

(best viewed in HD)

Featuring: PANDORA Spring Collection 2016
Styled by: Melissa C. Koh
Photographed by: Multifolds Photography
Video by: Reckn Studios

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