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There are few girls who would dare to deny this universal truth transcendent among women of all ages residing across the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe: There is no material possession in our lives rich with greater substance than our HAIR.

Ironically, most of us do not spend as much time and effort on our hair as they do with our face. I am guilty as charged.
I’ve always been taught to tackle issues by solving the root of the problem, and literally, I got to the root of my hair issues this time, all thanks to PHS HAIRSCIENCE. With revealing their revolutionary new concept in scalp and hair treatments, it begins with a consultation, an in-salon hair wash and treatment as well as a series of home care products that are made in-house and is specifically tailored to the needs of my scalp and hair.

Over the years, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has garnered awards and recognition from beauty experts, leading international beauty publications as well as government agencies for providing customers with ultimate solutions to their scalp and hair needs.
Since its inception, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has administered over 10,000 treatment programmes and cultivated a wealth of experience in formulating products and treatments targeted at Asian scalp.

Unlike skin concerns, scalp concerns are not as visible. Hence, professional consultation helps to better customise suitable treatments and a home-treatment regime based on scalp type and lifestyle requirements.
When it comes to scalp problems, prevention is always better than cure and understanding one’s scalp type and using the right products is crucial in preventing scalp conditions later. I learnt during the consultation that hair loss can begin from as early as 21 years of age but get detected only when as much as 40% of the hair is lost. Understanding one’s scalp condition better and earlier can definitely help us to take early action to stop this.

I have very thick hair but PHS HAIRSCIENCE tackled my concerns of a very dry scalp and hair type. It must be that I’m constantly dehydrated and sleeping inadequately, but almost every part of me seems to be as dry as a dessert–skin, scalp and hair. Given my concerns, I was given the Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir which helped me to exfoliate my scalp before cleansing (i.e. shampooing). My hair is then hydrated with Argan Oil, a perfect conditioner for my dry and damaged ends especially. Finally, my scalp is treated with a Scalp Tonic, working in a similar capacity as my facial moisturiser/serum, but used for my scalp.

Treatments at PHS HAIRSCIENCE is always a joy because it feels like a self-imposed time for myself to take my mind off work, relax with the most awesome head massage ever, and a hair wash that makes my scalp feel exceptionally clean and my hair feeling all fresh and beautifully blown.

I’m not sure if you remember my article on ELLE magazine with my Mom last year, where I recommended this as a mother-daughter date to celebrate Mothers’ Day! To date, my mom is a full-time and loyal customer of PHS HAIRSCIENCE!

As an exclusive to my readers, PHS Hairscience is offering a 20% discount storewide on their e-store products when you use the discount code MCK20.

In addition, for first time customers who would like to experience the Detox Scalp Spa Therapy, PHS Hairscience is offering an exclusive trial price of $88 including a complimentary Nutrition hair therapy for an all-round boost for your hair from root to tip.

To redeem, simply quote MELISSA when calling to book your appointment at 6692 0662 or fill in MELISSA in the information field when booking online here.

Visit PHS HAIRSCIENCE for more info.

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