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To wrap up my skin care journey, I’d like to share a glimpse of what went on in Bangkok during the launch of Physiogel, where I got to be a part of the talk show panel alongside with Dr. Peter Blenkiron, Senior Directior for Skin Health Category GSK R&D and Dermatologist Dr. Poohglin Tresukoso.
It was such an honour to be on stage with them where I got the chance to bombard them with a 100 different skin related questions, of which might I thought the below questions might be relevant to you:

1. Sensitive Skin Issues. What exactly is sensitive skin? Who has sensitive skin?
Almost everyone of us have sensitive skin even though we do not think we do. Sensitive skin can be caused by various triggers both internally and externally- from climate changes to diet, sleeping habits and even genes.
Scientifically explained by Dr Blenkiron, sensitive skin is a rupture in the skin and it’s natural moisture barrier, therefore causing gaps which could lead to flare ups, acne problems, tightness, flaking, etc..

2. How does Physiogel work?
Physiogel uses BioMiic Technology to soothe the skin and repair this rupture, restoring the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This incredible BioMimic Technology, patented by GSK, works by providing a layered structure, almost mimicking the actual skin’s natural lipid barrier, works with the lipids of the skin to protect against penetration and the entrance of bacteria and allergens from the environment. This layer also defends our skin against internal water loss, causing it to be dry and sensitive, sealing adequate moisture to keep the skin supple and hydrated.

3. How is Physiogel applied? Does the cleanser effectively remove make up, especially since there’s no rinsing involved?
Water actually dehydrates the skin, especially hot water. Instead of constantly cleansing your face, stripping off it’s moisture, the Physiogel cleanser, which allows a wipe off, is extremely effective in removing dirt and light make up. In fact, it can be quite gratifying to look at the dirty cotton pad after cleaning your face at the end of the day.
As how Dr Blenkiron put it, “It is technology!”, like how we would not “use water to remove mascara”, this cleanser does a great job in cleansing the face even though it is only a wipe off.
My skin proved this over a 14 day period.
Complementing the cleanser is the Face Cream Rich, which then locks in the moisture and also acts as a wonderful make up base.

Get your free Physiogel samples here, and let me know if this has helped you in the same way it did for me!

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