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Pillow Talk: A Guide To Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep requires so much more than just going to bed on time. As much as we emphasise living a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and adequate exercise, quality sleep is certainly another aspect that we should place significant emphasis on. 
I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of bad days with terrible sleep or insufficient rest. We must have all been through the toughest days with trying to keep our eyes opened during a school lecture or a work meeting; fighting to keep our concentration level up; being sluggish during the entire day and just thinking about crashing in bed at the end of it all. Having a good night’s sleep requires some good habits and practices and I am going to share with you the best ways I’ve found to get the good rest you very much well-deserve. 
Since March is National Sleep Month (I know, we need a National Sleep YEAR), here are FIVE effective ways that I use to help myself sleep better and get ample quality shut-eye time without compromising too much.

They say that getting enough bright light throughout the day will help to ensure your body recognises a consistent sleep cycle. Have you had your mom tell you — your needs to know when is day and night and that you should be “working in the day and sleeping at night” (probably in reference to my night owl habits). If you need to find ways to transition between day to night, I suggest taking a lot of pride and effort in “TURNING DOWN” your room. Instead of going from bright day light, to ceiling light, to complete pitch darkness, I would suggest turning down the dimness by leaving a small lamp on by your bed side or lighting a candle. My preference is to always light a candle. It is not only extremely calming but it creates a wonderful ambiance in the bedroom. My mind immediately registers that it is close to bed time when the candle is lit and the main lights are shut. Putting a flame to a wick immediately sets the mood for relaxation, and I’m ready to start my unwinding ritual. (i.e. Body Oil/Cream on, skin care check, favourite book or read out).

To get the full and absolute complete experience to unwinding, scents definitely ignite another one of your senses. This is a very powerful way to get your body and mind in a relaxed state. I love to infuse scents using essential oils. Essential oils are not only a natural, safe and holistic approach but we can be free of the worries of unwanted side effects as they’re made out of plants. It immediately eases me to an ideal state of mind and helps me to reach that much-needed state of relaxation at night. There are many ways to use them. For one, it can be used topically in treating skin ailments. I have very dry cuticles so I love applying a spritz of oil to my nails and giving my fingers a little massage. Second, I love applying it to the back of my wrists and taking deep long breaths in. Lastly, I love adding a few drops in a diffuser to allow the scent to carry throughout the entire room.

My pick is definitely the essential oil from Awe’ra in the scent “Lavender” for the night. It has properties that promotes sleep, eases tension, stress and all these prevented me from counting sheep at night.

For restful sleep, invest in a good mattress. When James and I were budgeting for our home renovations and furnitures, we both decided not to scrimp and save on our mattress. It would be something that we would be lying on night after night, so we wanted a mattress that we would both love very much and look forward to being on every night. Additionally, use a mattress protector to keep it well and invest in an external party to do a deep cleansing of your mattress once every six months. Paying attention to your mattress is important as it can unlock infinite nights of quality sleep. We spend a third of our lives sleeping so it is very important to make sure that your pillows and mattress are replaced to get the proper support for your body.

The bedsheet is essentially what you skin comes into contact with. I am extremely picky about the bedsheets I use because it does affect the quality and enjoyment of my rest. I highly recommend bedsheets from Heavenluxe as they’re the softest and comfiest bedsheets around in the market. I used to believe that cotton sheets were the best and most comfortable material until I tried Tencel. These were the sheets that were used at Museum Hotel during our honeymoon to Cappadocia and I looked particular notice of it. I tried looking for similar bedsheets when I returned from my trip but to no avail until I found Heavenluxe. The sheets are made from Austrain Tencel using their Luxeweave technology. There’s no going back to cotton once I’ve tried Tencel.

Pull the plug and set a no tech in the bedroom (phones, TV and laptop included) rule to help you settle down to sleep easier. These technologies emits a blue light that restrains the production of melatonin which controls our sleep cycle. A reduction of melatonin makes it harder for us to fall asleep and our bedroom should remain as a sanctuary of undisturbed rest!

I hope this inspires you to sleep well and better. It is not always about the quantity of sleep you get but the quality of it. May you always be empowered to run after your dreams (in utmost comfort)! 🙂

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