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Plaids in Paris

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Today is like a catch up day for me where emails are coming in slower than usual, I’m getting less email/whatsApp chasers, and less work-related stuff going on.. like shoots, events, meetings or any of that sort.

That’s what I love about public holidays. It feels like the whole world slows down with me and I feel that I’m given space to catch up on all that has been going on.
It’s been such a crazy month (and perhaps, past few months) of traveling that I don’t know where to put myself or how to use my hands anymore. It’s been pretty damn intensive that sleep or food has never once taken priority over work. I don’t even track how much I sleep or eat anymore.

Jetting off to Tokyo this coming week, so I’m trying to clear as much work as I possibly can before my trip. I’m extremely excited to take you guys along with me visually through instagram.

Meanwhile, I’d first like to share with you one of my favourite looks of this month as I’ve built an incredible bond with plaids. As fall is approaching, my preference for colours and styles tend to gravitate towards monochromes and neutrals. Plaids, parkas and layering also constitute some of my favourite styles at the moment.

To be honest with you guys, I picked this dress not because of the plaids but more so because of the fabulous cutting. I love shift dresses. They can be worn any day any time for almost any occasion. The fit of the dress is of most importance and when it makes the mark for that criteria, I would just get it. Thank you, Dressabelle! 🙂

Plaids Dress by Dressabelle SG/MY | Studded Bag from Ladymojo
Photography and Editing by Multifolds


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