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Pregnancy Bump Update


Gender: Boy
How Far Along: 1 week postpartum 
Size of baby:
Weight at birth – 2.88kg
Weight at 1 week old – Close to 3kg
Movement: He is super active. He loves stretching, kicking and quirky hand movements (especially when feeding). When baby Noah was in my womb, he would usually be most active at night and before and after my meals.  



My body started changing rapidly in my third trimester. I felt a lot of pressure on my lower back, and my tail bone started to hurt a lot when I sit. By the 37th going to the 38th week, I’d wake up with soreness, and on occasion, stiffness and leg cramps. I felt like I had to pee all the time as baby Noah was sitting right on my bladder. I did not have swollen feet or any water retention at all (thank goodness) so I was still very active and on my feet a lot in the day!


Throughout pregnancy, I gained a total of 8.8kg (51.8-43kg). A little on the low side but I promise I was doing my best to eat well and frequently so that my baby could get all the nutrition he needed. I was not the most disciplined at eating a “healthy” diet as I ate out a lot but I did try to incorporate more fruits into my grocery basket (like avocados, berries and grapes) and I also made it a point to increase my calcium intake with fresh regular milk, on top of calcium supplements. Immediately after delivering, I lost about 5kg and I haven’t weighed myself since. 

I actually failed so miserably at incorporating a work-out routine during my entire pregnancy. I wanted to sign up for some pre-natal classes but I did not manage to as I kept procrastinating. In total, I had only 1 super work out during the WeBarre retreat back in Bali. That was it. However, I’m running around a lot and am on my feet so much, especially during my travels. They say that walking might induce an early labour— also a possible reason why baby Noah came at 38 weeks? 


I am actually not afraid of weight gain, or that mom tummy. Nothing bothers or concerns me more than the well-being and health of my baby. I pray every day that the delivery will be smooth-sailing and that he will be in healthy. 
Of course there are other concerns (although secondary), like my ability in taking on the role as a mom. Questions about whether I will be able to be the best mom for my son, whether I’ll be able to provide him with the best, whether I’ll be able to care for him, protect him and shelter him, while still being a full-time entrepreneur. I am already so much in love with this tiny human being that I just want to do everything right. 

I feel mentally prepared to take on whatever challenges that may arise, and while I am anxious about this new role, I am extremely happy and grateful to becoming a new mommy to my most precious and loved baby Noah. 

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