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Prepping Outfits for Fashion Week


Packing for Fashion Week or, in my case this season, 2 Fashion Weeks (i.e. Paris and Milan) can be a daunting task. There’s usually an outfit for each and every fashion show or brand presentation I attend and each outfit can have accessories specifically chosen for that outfit. 

Couple that with the super tight timeline of having to pack all that within a week and you have a recipe for disaster. At least if you don’t have some sort of strategy or plan in place. 

The last thing you want to be doing on a trip, whether you’re there for leisure or work, is to be wasting time figuring out what to wear. 

Over many years of travelling and cramming my many outfits into suitcases, I’ve picked up a thing or two about packing and I’d like to share with you my top 5 tips!

Caveat: If you’re okay wearing the absolute minimal or rewearing clothes, that’s cool but this article’s probably not 100% applicable to you. Nonetheless, some other tips I’m sharing might apply.

Tip #1: Plan your outfits beforehand so that you don’t end up bringing more than you need. 

I love to layer and accessorize. Adding that stylish blazer and beautiful piece of jewelry to a simple T-shirt and jeans can elevate the outfit from simple casual to chic casual. However, with added intricacy in your outfit, comes the need to plan ahead so that A) you don’t miss something out, B) you don’t bring more than you need and C) you look your smashing best.

Plan! and don’t forget to document! You wouldn’t want to put in all that effort to plan each of your outfits only to forget how you styled it or waste time trying to remember. 

You can either take images of your styled outfits and save them in your phone or you can do it like me and print them out on Fujifilm films.

I used the Instax Mini Link — it is a smart phone printer with a variety of FUN modes including the party prints, collage print, match test and frame prints. But what I love most about it is that (1) it allows me to edit photos that I want to print (like zoom in or out) directly on the app before printing (2) the battery life is AMAZING — I can bring 100 photos in a single charge and (3) the speed of printing is unbeatable — it takes only 12 seconds to print a photo! So if you’re printing in bulk (like for your inspo wall, a party or your wedding), I would highly recommend this!

Printing them out and sticking them on the wall gives me an unexplainable sense of satisfaction. For one, it not only acts as reference, but it gives me the freedom to fully style an outfit, all the way down to the details like my hair accessories and bag.

On this topic, you can afford to plan bringing 1 pair of jeans and styling it 5 different ways, as I’ve recently shared on my IG TV here

Tip #2: Vacuum bags for coats  

Vacuum bag your coats if you’re travelling to colder climates. They’re a life-saver! Or should I say “space-saver”. Coats can be bulky and take up a lot of dead space in a luggage. On this trip, I only brought 2 warm fur coats and one medium-warm coat. 3 coats for 14 days may or may not seem excessive to some, but if you are able to compress them tightly, that’ll leave you tons of space for your other needs (like toiletries, equipment and baby stuff)! 

Tip #3: Bring along versatile pieces

Choose to bring those black sock boots over those bright yellow pumps. Shoes are often odd sized and take up the most space, and so (as much as you and I would love to) we can’t afford to bring too many. Again, planning your looks beforehand will allow you to properly and confidently style your outfits and pack your luggage. 

Tip #4: If you’re travelling in groups. Share! 

When luggage space is scarce, agree to share and alternate coats, articles of clothes and bags with the people coming along with you on the trip. It saves space and it can be fun seeing your clothes on someone else. Sharing is caring! 

Tip #5: First in, last out

Unless you plan on unpacking your entire suitcase (like i did on this trip), you’re probably going to be living out of your luggage. 

One tip for effective packing is to pack with the end in mind! Taking fashion week as an example, you have a schedule and if you’ve followed tip number 1 you already know which outfit you’re going to wear and on which day, so pack the outfit you want to wear on day 1 on top of all the other clothes and work your way through your stack of clothes as the days goes by. 

I hope you enjoyed my non-exhaustive list of tips on how to pack for fashion week and maybe even use them for your own trips! Share with me other tips on packing you’ve found useful in the comments below!

This post is sponsored by Fujifilm.

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