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Productivity Apps You Must Know


I’m the furtherest thing from a tech junkie and more often than not, I opt for a pen and paper over a digital alternative when it comes to planning or conceptualising my latest content idea (James can testify to that). Hence for me to fully embrace some thing “tech”, it’d have to really work (i.e. bring value to either mine or my team’s work). 

This year especially i’ve come to embrace a few phone and desktop applications because of how they facilitate my team’s collaborative efforts, and make our otherwise chaotic lives a tad bit more organised. 

Here’s a list! 

1. Timetree

We all wear many hats in life (e.g Mother, business woman, spouse, friend, team member and the list goes on). TimeTree allows you to create multiple calendars based on the different roles you take on and what you are using the calendar to do (e.g. keeping track of your personal schedule or sharing a schedule with your partner or for group-use) and view them in an overlay so that you get a exhaustive view of what’s happening in your multi-faceted life. What’s more is that you can categorise calendars and events by colour so that you know which event pertains to which calendar at one quick glance. It’s absolutely one of the best tools for teams because you’re able to leave comments and have discussions on the friends / group calendar. 

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2. Slack

Don’t get me wrong, whatsapp is a wonderful app but when you are running a business with multiple projects happening simultaneously, and million and one discussion topics going on, using 1 whatsapp group to facilitate these conversations is a sure way to drive you and your team members up the wall. You lose track of which project you were talking about and spend a large part of your day scrolling up the chat log trying to find that attachment someone may or may not have sent. 

Things have gotten so much easier for my team and I ever since we started using slack as our team’s messaging platform. It’s basically a whole chatroom where you can create various channels to facilitate the different ongoing projects. You can share documents on each channel, choose which team members have access to the channel you create and set deadline and reminders. 

4. Forest

This simple yet profound app inspires you to stay focused on what’s important in a really innovative and cute way. You plant a tree (in the app) whenever you’d like to focus on something. For example, writing a blogpost or preparing you taxes. Your tree will grow as you focus on your task. Leaving the app halfway (to ,say, browse instagram) will cause your poor tree to die. 

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5. Trello

I’ve been using Trello since the start of the year and boy has it been life changing. Trello is currently the repository of my many to-do lists and my team’s project management tool all in one app. On Trello, you’re able to create personal and shared boards which represent different types of projects. Within the board, you can create different lists which are normally used to represent stages of progress (i.e. from start to completion). Under each list, you create cards to represent the tasks to be completed. This is extremely useful if you have multiple projects which fall under the same category and you’d like to monitor the progress of all the projects at one glance (.e.g ongoing social media campaigns) or if there is a long  to mid term project with many steps that you have to keep tabs on. (e.g. Office renovations and set up).

6. Zoom

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing app that I’ve been using to hold meetings and discussion with my team members who are working remotely from home. It’s fuss-free (you just have to click on a link to join a meeting), video quality has been amazing and it’s screen-sharing function makes it’s easy for me to share documents that’ll help to facilitate discussions (e.g. campaign briefs, story boards etc). The church choir that i’ve been a part of since my teenage years now uses it to hold weekly prayer sessions since we’re currently not able to meet face-to-face. 

Photo Credit: Zoom

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