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There is always a time for work, a time for play and a time for relaxing, and as some say, “you gotta nourish to flourish”. I found this especially true during this very busy period of my life and I’m glad I took some time off for this mini getaway/retreat.
What comes to mind when you hear of a “retreat” is perhaps a trip to Bali or sipping a mocktail by the beach.
In this retreat offered by One Farrer Hotel & Spa, we got to choose from 4 different programmes. All of which was specially tailored, according to our personal preferences and need at that point in time. The retreat consisted of a good sweat session (or what you call a “workout”), a recovery/relaxation moment using the spa’s amazing facilities, followed by a specially designed meal and a massage/pampering session. The length of each retreat also differs depending on the programme schedule. All programmes are fitted into a single day though, so one can take time at night to relax at your own leisure. P.S. James and I opted for the teochew porridge buffet, which was really awesome.
Especially for busybees like ourselves, who cannot afford the time to fly out of the country when we think we need a break, this idea of a “getaway” is close to and in many ways– perfect. It not only allowed us to spend some together time through the staycation but the programme foced us to exercise, eat well, and relax and recharge all at once.
The Detox Lifestyle Retreat, which I did, involved a staycation element as well, offering a one night stay at the hotel’s Skyline Studio Room. James opted for the “Energising” programme.

The programme started at the gym where we first went through a consultation with our trainer about our training preferences, fitness goals and levels. I am always in for a personal trainer because I find it very engaging and effective for someone to be push my limits.
We were guided through a series of cardio and weight training exercises, including a mini HIIT session and the trainer was there to motivate and push us along the way. It was especially fun to have James join me as it ignited the competitive spirit in me.
Starting off the day with a workout was probably the best idea ever as our bodies felt so sore and tired, completely prepped and ready for a good massage to follow.

We freshened up after our workout with a quick shower after enjoying some of the facilities including the jacuzzi, mineral pools, cold plunge pools, steam and sauna rooms. It was quite a quick relief for the aching muscles. Immediately after, we headed for our specially designed meal. All meals are designed by a dietician so we were assured that we were getting all the necessary nutrients out of the balanced meal. As I opted for the Detox programme, my meal consisted of fresh baby spinach with feta cheese toasted nuts, Cherry tomato and Granny Smith apple salad with walnut vinaigrette, Oven roasted sea bass with tomato potato purée and ginger citrus salsa. To top it off, the meal also included a slice of carrot cake. I know it sounds extremely healthy but it was actually very satisfying and guilt-free.

Post-lunch, we were treated to a detoxifying scrub and body massage. I guess this has been the part that I’ve been looking forward to all day and the work out in the morning just made the massage all the more deserving and enjoyable. The hot stones and soft kneading techniques really soothed my muscles and body from the intense workout earlier and before I knew it, I drifted off into sweet slumber.

Feeling so recharged and ready to take on the world after this little break from work. The programmes offered by One Farrer Spa include the Detox Program, Slimming Program, Renewal Program and Energy Program. Choose what is best suited for you, or walk in for a consultation. I am already looking forward to another round of this, probably when I feel like it’s much deserved.

If you’re looking to pamper yourself with a One Day Spa Retreat Trial, get it at a special $99 rate where it includes choice of aroma basic facial or signature massage, access to the total lifestyle environment facilities such as 24hrs gym, olympic size pool, onsen relaxation garden (U.p $149++).
The Lifestyle Retreat getaway is going at $450++ including a room for your overnight staycation.

Simply quote “melissackohxOneFarrer” to enjoy the discount, valid till 31st Dec 2017!

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