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run after is back


So here’s the reveal of my latest relaunch of my fashion label, runafter.

This collection is called, “LIGHT”, inspired by my recent trip to Castelmola, a tiny hilltop village found in Taormina, Italy.
Traveling has always been a big part of my life, and seeing new places always inspires me deeply. I love that the Samsung Galaxy Note8 helps me to translate my ideas immediately into a sketching. Taking notes with my trusty S pen on the go makes it so much more fun and engaging, and best of all, it helps me to internalise and reflect deeply on my experiences.

It is said that the hike to reach the top is usually long and winding – with a few obstacles along the way- but upon reaching the summit, one is rewarded with breathtaking views and the awe-inspiring sunsets that are to remember forever. I fell in love while walking along this small and quiet town and her rustic charm gave me a deep sense of serenity, tranquility, peacefulness and calmness. It was like taking a walk through the clouds as some might say. A welcome respite from the chaos as I prepared to scale on to the next “mountain”– to take on the next day’s challenges and to face each hurdle that would come my way. It was at this very moment that I felt the most inspired, furiously jotting down notes and photographing and videoing inspirations with my digital diary (the Galaxy Note8) and sending them off to my team back home.

The journey towards launching this collection was not all smooth-sailing. Initial designs didn’t make the cut and there were logistical mishaps along the way. I guess life’s like that. One will always face challenges and some times the situation looks bleak. The LIGHT collection represents the notion that there is always a glimmer of hope at the end of a dark tunnel and that focusing on the light (i.e. your hopes and dreams), instead of your setbacks, will give you the motivation to press on. My goals are written on my samsung Note8’s S Notes, so that I have constantly refer to them and stay focused.

run after Spring ’18 is about texture and patterns coupled with the soft hues and floral prints all depicting the beauty of this old world charm. It is made for a goal-getter, a girl-next-door, a traveller at heart and one that craves adventures. I hope that “she” , wearing run after, will always be inspired to chase her dreams, running after that goal but yet not forgetting to embrace the journey along the way. It is my hope that “she” never forgets the pretty little things in life– that she stops to smell the flowers, watch the sunset, take a picture of that gorgeous view, and be extremely humbled by everything she sees. 

This collection is made possible through a beautiful partnership with Samsung, enabling and empowering me to make my dreams become reality. With the Galaxy Note8, I have a little companion accompanying me everywhere I go, giving me an extra bout of convenience that makes life that much easier. It has become a place where I keep my memories safe, and most of all, a trusty sidekick that helps me dream bigger, and do bigger things.

Sketches and notes drawn on Galaxy Note8.

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