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run after Launch Party

So if you’ve not yet caught a glimpse of my recent label relaunch, run after, please click here.
run after has been a brand very close to my heart and relaunching it again after a year’s hiatus means the world to me. I always wanted to share my love and taste for and in fashion with you guys, and I believe that the most intimate way possible is through designs that are made– each specially curated in line with my style for YOU in mind. My goal is to empower you through what YOU wear, to make YOU feel beautiful on the inside out and to push your boundaries. I want YOU to run after your dreams, to enjoy the chase and cherish every step of the way.
We celebrated the relaunch intimately, at Shop Wonderland, a beautiful space that so perfectly encapsulates the essence of our first collection, beautifully styled with excessive flora and fauna, with drapes to create that dreamy vibe, with a gorgeously styled dessert table, with hanging foliage’s for that laid back twist and a glass cabinet that showcased the journey and making of this collection: LIGHT.
In our journey showcase, we shared with you our mood board, our inspirations, our sketching, fabric samples and every thing in between. We wanted to get real with you, to show you all the blood sweat and tears that went into the making of this collection.
My heart is so full from the outpour of support and love from all of you guys. From my media friends and close friends that came down— your presence was everything to me. To some of the clients I work with— thank you for the congratulatory gifts, flowers, cards and hugs. I’m so blessed. To our mom’s (James’, Cheryl’s and mine) who just stood around to show what being truly supportive means, thank you!
And last but not the least, to all of you guys, my followers, who took time of after work, to pop by and shop! It means the world to my team and I for your unwavering love towards the brand.
We are so motivated to keep going and we’ll strive to get only better!

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