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It has always been my favourite thing, at the end of the year, to look back on all the most memorable moments in the past 12 months.

In short, 2014 has been pretty mind blowing for me, as I got to check off a couple of things listed on my bucket list. I’ve visited so many new places and accumulated so many new experiences. I’ve made a couple of new friends this year, reconnected with my old friends, and enjoyed the camaraderie of the rest.

I’ve grown my blog and instagram into a brand. I’ve developed a loyal supporting of readers that have been ever-encouraging towards me, my decisions, my actions, and my work.
I’ve seen my little brainchild ladymojo grow from a platform, where I once sold clothes I bought in extra quantity, to a real business that I never saw myself doing.

These are a few 2014-signifacant events that I’d like to share before I conclude:

– I welcomed little Macho into the family. He and Tinkerbell procreated, and we’re now enjoying the company of Macho, Tinkerbell and baby Paris.

– I had an unforgettable trip with my girlfriends, Yina, Jess and Marie to Bangkok, where we had the craziest nights together, running down many flights of stairs in our PJs because a fire alarm got activated and squeezing into a tiny little tub in an Onsen for a photo.

– My special friend, Shine, Melvin from Multifolds and I took a week long holiday to Seoul. This trip has probably one of the fondest memories that we’ve shared together, and we still talk about it today. How could I not enjoy being around my two favourite people? Tons of photos, heart-to-hearts and food. I’m looking forward to our next getaway!

– Completed my debut hosting for a series of videos for Ettusais over a period of 3 schedule-packed days. It was a personal milestone achievement for myself.

– Did a solo Mom, Dad & me trip to Bangkok again. Showed them around, and did a record breaking amount of foot massages (I think something like.. 4 consecutive nights in a row)

– Revisited Angsana Laguna resort in Phuket, where they very kindly hosted Jonathan and I again a year after we did a photoshoot for their collaterals. Tried stand up paddleboarding for the first time in my life, and later spent a day at a cooking class learning how to prepare Thai dishes with Jonathan.

– Had one of the best birthday’s where Jonathan planned a big surprise weekend for me at the Ritz Carlton.

– Was sent with Bea, Jean and Cheryl on a media trip to Seoul, all thanks to the team from belif and VDL. It was so much fun, and we were so well taken care of.

– Visited my cousin, Esther, in Sydney. I caught a glimpse of one of the most beautiful sunsets as we crossed the harbour, ate the best fish and chips ever at Bondi Beach and reconnected again with all my favourite places. One of my most favourite trips this year as it brought back memories of my last trip there with my grandmother, wonder mama.

– Got extremely lost on a road trip with Jonathan in Taiwan because we keyed in the wrong location on the GPS. Stuffed ourselves silly every night with street food in Taipei, and had an amazing amount of quality time together.

– Went on a sponsored trip to Iloilo and Guimaras with Melvin, Shine and Jess, all thanks to Cebu Pacific Air. Never expected myself to be in that corner of the world, but it was such an eye-opening and enriching experience.

– Was sent to Paris for a week for a special collaboration I did with Dressabelle. A big check off my bucket list, and I am itching to go back.

– Headed to Perth shortly after for Telstra Fashion Week with Daniel, and had an amazingly slow-paced, rejuvenating week exploring the place, and I made new friends!

– Travelled to Tokyo again for the second time in 2014, but this time with Melvin for a photoshoot. Met up with Dorothy who was on her way to Singapore. Headed to KL straight from Tokyo for Lovebonito’s pop up store opening.

– Spent a week in New York City shortly after; a trip that I’ve been counting down towards since I last left. Cried tears of joy when the plane landed in JFK.

– Two good weeks in Dec spent touring Athens, Rome and Florence. A year end trip with Jonathan and Dorothy, and was so fated that I met my special friend, Shine there.

The small recap above marks how blessed I’ve been in 2014. It was a year of milestones, personal achievements. I got to work with so many incredible brands, such as Starwood Group, who has been providing me with luxurious accommodations during my travels; Big John’s Place; airline companies and tourism boards that have been ever so kind to sponsor some of my trips; other clients such as Aldo, Polo Ralph Lauren, Belif, Laura Mercier, Nike, Sovil et Titus, Skin Inc, Estee Lauder, Fide Fashion Week and Audi Fashion Week.

I’ve fulfilled personal dreams of mine, some of which have led me to strongly believe that positivity, kindness and hard work prevails.
I’m especially overwhelmed but yet humbled by all the love I’ve been receiving by those around me, and I can’t say enough how appreciative I am of all of you guys.
My blog has been the craziest but yet most amazing thing that has happened to me in my life.
Thank you so much for being a part of it.

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  1. Ally Gong
    08 Jan 2015 @ 9:08 am

    What an absolutely amazing year! 🙂 It’s so nice that you were able to achieve personal milestones, and also reap the rewards of your hard work alongside loved ones by traveling with them! Happy 2015 beautiful!
    -Ally Gong

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