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How To Practice Self Love And Care As An Entrepreneur

The act of taking care of yourself mentally and physically can be defined as self-care and loving yourself unapologetically can be defined as self-love. It is crucial to sit back once in a while and evaluate if you’re doing enough of both “self-love” and “self-care” because they’re ultimately essential and necessary to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

As an entrepreneur and a soon-mom-to-be, there are challenging moments in my pregnancy and in my job where it gets harder to prioritise “me time”. Physically, my body has been changing so much so quickly and emotionally, I don’t always feel like my 100%. 

Over the course of the last few months when things start to really pile up and get busy, I realised that self care is anything but a task on my to-do-list. It is easy to set lofty expectations when you’re running your business, and I’ve come to realise that self-care is not just another thing to-do on your list, but it is a routine that needs to be made into a habit that will eventually support your longer term plans and goals. 

The perception of making time for yourself to look good and feel good can take at times take back seat but I’ve realised that there are some ways where habits can be put into your daily routine and mindset that can really make a difference to how you feel. 

With time being on the forefront of the many reasons why entrepreneurs like myself find it so hard to practice self-care, I hope these pointers will give you some motivation in implementing wellness into your routine. 

The exact routine to practising self-care can differ amongst persons so it is important to look into yourself and find what makes you feel good and question what makes you feel whole and happy. 

As I usually plan my time to the millisecond (not to exaggerate the least) and sometimes forget to even take regular meals, I always question— how in the world do I practice self-care? When will I start prioritising “me” instead of what needs to be done? 

This is when I realised that breaking things down into bite-sized pieces are really helpful. It then goes back to the question of what caring for myself really means and my answer is “to feel happy, fulfilled and nurtured”. This didn’t mean going for yoga classes or booking myself a manicure session. Giving myself that 5-10 extra minutes in the morning when I wake up meant the world to me, so I did just that. I value the time in the morning to cuddle in bed with my husband, and I love that extra few minutes of lazing around, and allowing my mind to go blank. I stopped feeling guilty for not waking up immediately at the sound of the alarm and compromising on productivity because I rationalised that this few minutes for myself, made me feel a lot better, calmer, more grateful and happier on a daily basis. 

This is my point exactly. Allowing yourself to do what you feel makes you feel better is one step closer to building your confidence and treating yourself with the love you deserve. Focus on doing that additional something that fulfils you, something that is just for you, each and every day. 

Self care and love, after all is all about YOU. No if’s, no but’s, it’s all about what works for YOU and what makes YOU feel good. You can easily find self-care ideas online that fit into your lifestyle, suit your personality, and most importantly does not compromise on your schedule. You don’t need something rigid and rule-abiding. 

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