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Nothing satisfies my sweet tooth the way chocolate does! Whether it’s ice cream, macarons, or just a little sweet treat, chocolate desserts will always have a special place in my heart (and stomach). There’s just something about its creaminess and the way it leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth!

As a chocolate lover, it was simply exciting to be able to see how beautiful artisan chocolate desserts were made at The Dark Gallery, one of the many interesting cafes unique to Millenia Walk. The Dark Gallery is a one-of-a-kind boutique cafe that serves amazing dark chocolate indulgences. As part of Millenia Walk’s Gourmet Ensemble campaign, I got the pleasure to stand behind the counter and witness first hand, the making of one of their most popular desserts – The Chocolate Raspsody.

The Dark Gallery has an amazing range of chocolate platters, desserts, as well as beverages. I was completely blown away by the range of dark chocolates available at the boutique cafe! Dark chocolates from various parts of the world – Venezuela, Ecuador, and even Dominican Republic – are available for tasting at The Dark Gallery. Their single origin platters contain chocolates from at least three different origins, each with different cacao content. To my surprise, some of them had a light and fruity flavour, while others were more intense and bittersweet. I never knew that dark chocolate from various origins tastes so differently from one another!

I learnt how to plate the Chocolate Raspsody, also one of my personal favourites. I’d like to tell everyone that this dessert was “made for me” as it consists of the 3 signature ice creams- the 80% dark chocolate, 38% milk chocolate and 32% dulcey white chocolate ice cream on a bed of chocolate soil. I’d highly recommend this to everyone who’s at The Dark Gallery for the first time as it gives you a very nice all-rounded preview to their delicious chocolate ice creams. Honestly, the plating wasn’t too difficult but I learnt a thing or two about the technique of scooping a nice round ball of ice cream. Practice makes perfect.

Get 10% off single origins and signature platters at The Dark Gallery in the month of October! To redeem, simply flash this blogpost! Enjoy the sinless sweet treat!

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