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Jonathan and I have been dating for 5 years now. If you’ve following me for a long time, you’d might have heard of our love story— our long distance relationship story.
Inspired by Leo Ku’s video, I’ve decided to join “Speak Love in Time” and also take the opportunity to share with you guys the taxing days dealing with being physically apart.

It feels like time has gone by in less than a blink of an eye. I think it actually has. But stories of yesteryears feel just like yesterday, and somehow the intense emotions still linger today.

Jonathan and I met during my exchange programme in Seattle. He was a facilitator for the orientation planned for exchange students and I was the exchange student. To cut the long story short, we got together and blissfully enjoyed each other for the rest of my exchange life.

4 months went by quickly and it was time for us to part. It was the most difficult time for us both as the only thing left were sweet memories we had carved together. There was little or no sight on the future and everything was largely uncertain.

On the monthiversary date 5 months later, he sprung a surprise on me by popping up in my room one morning. I thought I had woken up from a dream. For the next 2 months, he spent his summer in Singapore doing an internship.

Unfortunately, it was too soon before we parted ways again. We always wished for the time apart to expedite and the time spent together to slow down.
Our relationship became one big adrenalin rush.

Through time, love conquered all doubt, all loneliness and all insecurities.

There was an occasion where Jonathan remarked at how he was going to study the world map so that he could plot his route to Singapore should Aliens invade the Earth; of how he would require about X number of days of non-stop moving to reach me, and that he would have to go travel by boat at some point because we are only connected by water. I thought that was pretty ridiculous and laughed it off. On hindsight though, it was actually a really sweet thought.

I drew inspiration from this memory for my stylised shoot with Solvil et Titus- a watch brand etched in love and romance.
While on the luxurious Royal Albatross, it had me dreaming of setting sail; reminiscing about the days where distance felt like the hardest thing to conquer. It seemed like a piece of a puzzle that I was piecing together in my head, of all the love stories shared between Jonathan and I during our long distance relationship.

Besides an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, I sensed a blossoming love tingling deep within my heart as I recall these infinite moments that I treasure.
And with me to keep, is yet another beautiful timepiece from Solvil et Titus.

Now that I’ve shared a piece of my unforgettable love story.
What’s yours? I hope you’ll share them with me here as I look forward to reading them. Selected winners get to win Travel Vouchers worth up to $3000 and a pair of Solvil et Titus watches

Speak love in time.

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  1. vonny
    30 Jul 2015 @ 12:42 am

    Beautiful 🙂

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