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I’ve never deciphered the concept of TGIF for myself because I work seven days a week, lest I mention 24/7. I believe that the most people would dread Mondays and welcome the weekends with open arms, hence exclaim TGIF as Friday draws near. Honestly, I’ve started losing track of my days if not for connecting the dots that meeting X is on Wednesday and photoshoot Y is on a Thursday.
Honestly, nothing quite beats a huge bouquet of flowers to pump me up for all the tasks ahead of me. That’s my personal take- find something you love, and make yourself happy by surrounding yourselves with it.
In this instance, a bouquet of fresh peonies would fit the bill for me. As I’m typing away on my keyboard, this bouquet is currently in a glass vase on the corner of my work desk while my puppies are sleeping on my lap.
Getting inspired always makes me feel good about myself, and about life as a whole.

I hope all of you guys take some time to surround yourself with things that you love most. Just a short little note from me on a Tuesday evening. (wait.. is it Tuesday today?)

Flowers from Flower Story | Top from H&M | Outerwear from Motif Official | Dreamcatcher Necklace from Cecily London | Pumps from Seira Elves
Photography by Multifolds

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