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Surviving Winter and Fashion Week

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(note that all documentations below were directly translated from my hand written journal)


Over the past weeks of being all over the place and simply living out of a suitcase, I feel like I’ve become an expert at talking about my personal survival tips. With every city I step foot on, there is a different climate- from warm and just super warm, to bitterly cold, windy and dry, then back to scorching hot and dry and then warm and wet. Perhaps you’ll be able to fit the cities with my climate descriptions, in your mind.

Beauty questions, like social media questions– about my relationship, about my favourite food places, about my travel destinations, about my hair, and God-knows-what, I’ve had them all.
Today’s my attempt to deal with the increasing number of beauty inquiries I’ve had over some time.
And I’d like to establish two main facts before anything else: I am 1) basic and 2) quite low maintenance- just one or two products that I feel can tackle my skin concerns well enough, I’m happy.

Like what I shared previously about my hair, always solve things from the root of the problem..?
Now let’s get down to the real skin issues. My skin issues.
In all honesty, my skin condition is generally not too bad. I do not get flare up’s much (or often at all) and if I do, I know for a fact that it might be caused by stress, bad eating/sleeping habits, too much travelling or just some external reasons. More often than not, I battle with issues of dry, sensitive, flaky and dehydrated skin, but when left unattended could possibly result in severe redness and other skin conditions.
In humid weather, it does not show, but when I am in a cold climate (like -15 degree celsius New York), oh boy, I’d like to use the word “desert” to describe my skin again. It would peeling so badly and even wrinkled up like prunes. I’m not exaggerating.

Taking warm steam showers felt absolutely comforting after a day of running between shows but they did more harm than good for my skin. Moisturising it just twice a day initially did not seem adequate, so I decided to prop my Face Cream RICH in my purse and applied it on the extremely dry areas during the day. Towards the end of my 14-day journey, I found myself less reliant on this.

I documented my intimate journey with Physiogel simply because I wanted to experiment how my skin would react to it after consistently using it for a period of two weeks.
To be honest, moisturising with the very awesome Face Cream Rich after cleansing it with the Calming Relief, made my skin feel so much better after just a couple of days! To be exact, I noticed improvements after around 6 days.

No words can describe how Physiogel has helped me to keep my skin in check, restored my confidence, but more importantly, reaffirmed my belief that when you can identify the fundamental problem and solely focus on solving that issue, everything else will fall into place.

Pick up your sample pack and experience the Physiogel Calming Facial Range for yourselves by clicking here.

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  1. Shedah
    18 May 2016 @ 11:59 pm

    Hey Melissa

  2. Maria Geronico Berdaguer
    09 Mar 2016 @ 6:04 am

    Looking forward to try them! I’m really into skin-care products… love to try new things.

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