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The Laundry Game Changer

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We’ve never really looked forward to laundry days. Then again we haven’t come across anyone who does. Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely love the idea of getting our dirty clothes washed, dried and smellin’ awesome. 
But with our hectic schedules, laundry is usually the last thing on our minds. That is until a humongous pile emerges in our laundry area or James runs out of clothes, whichever comes first. In an attempt to save water, we usually wash a full load of laundry and as a result end up with lots to dry. A large majority of clothes, especially mine, can’t be put into the dryer and we end up hanging them around the house, given the limited space we have. (We’re not comfortable hanging our laundry in the corridor and the hanging area we have by our flat window is tiny and exposed to dust, smoke and the occasional haze outside) 
Not sure if you guys can associate with this:
It’s the night before an event / day full of meetings and you choose your “power” outfit only to realise that it hasn’t been washed yet and, without any sunlight between point-of-realisation and the event, it’d be impossible to have the outfit ready (ruling out the dryer option.) So you settle for the next best alternative outfit. Satisfactory but not ideal. Crisis would have been easily averted if we could plan outfits 2 days in advance giving ourselves ample time to wash and hang dry. Unfortunately, we’re not that kind of people. Lol. 
Enter stage left: The Steigen Laundry System! A.k.a The Laundry Game Changer! 
We were absolutely elated to have the Steigen Solar Ultra installed in our home because of what we read up that it can do. With baby Noah in the picture, hygiene, cleanliness and getting rid of dust mites has become a priority (of obsessive proportions) and this appliance is the answer to our prayers. 
The tech behind Steigen’s products is phenomenal. The Solar Ultra laundry system emits a complexed range of ultrasonic waves, covering up to 10m³, which disrupts the feeding and reproductive cycles of dust mites, reducing the amount of allergens produced.
It uses solar heat that penetrates evenly through garments, and effectively kills off germs, bacteria, and odours (one of the worst things about a load of laundry that doesn’t dry properly is that weird “wet” smell. We almost always re-washed our clothes if we encountered this). 
Steigen takes their odour elimination very seriously. As if solar heat odour elimination wasn’t enough, an in-built ioniser neutralises surrounding air particles and further removing musky odours.

The science behind this would have every nerd in the household nodding with approval. The ioniser produces negative ions that attach to positively charged particles in the air, which include airborne allergens such as pollen, bacteria, dust mites, and other invisible odour causing particles. The harmful particles become too heavy and fall to the surface – which can be eliminated through your simple daily cleaning or wiping routine. Totally beats trying to musk undesirably laundry odours with fragrances! 

What’s more is that we can dry our laundry at any time of the day, with certainty given that it doesn’t rely on the elements (i.e. Sunlight and wind).

We now can always have our first-choice outfit ready to give us that added boost to tackle the day ahead 😉 
Head over to their website to find out more!  

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