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The Perfect Date Night At Home

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We recently passed our first wedding anniversary, and to celebrate it, James and I decided to do a little something special at home! A long overdue date night, because we always eat out with friends or family.

Deciding on the menu was rather easy – I love pasta and James loves steak. The beauty of a plate of pasta lies in its simplicity. All you need is a combination of fresh ingredients! Steak is an equally no-fuss recipe, with minimal ingredients. But because we don’t cook often, we made sure to maximise the use of our ingredients by incorporating the garlic and herbs in both recipes.

A meal for two in 45 minutes? It’s definitely achievable. I’ve detailed the step by step process below so scroll down to read! 🙂

I love how our Bosch appliances made cooking so much more fuss free. Our Series 8 oven has various functions! The PerfectBake function allows baking enthusiasts to measure and regulate the baking process automatically. All you need to do is select the type of baked good and leave it to the oven. That takes all the guesswork out and you end up with perfectly baked and delicious pastries or cakes!

With the PerfectRoast function, we didn’t have to worry about the temperature settings or how long to leave our steak in the oven for. For people who do not cook often like us, it’s a lifesaver! The meat probe will determine the precise core temperature of your roast through 3 highly sensitive measuring points and churn out the perfect roasting result!

Of course, it’s always good to check in every now and then to make sure what’s in the oven is cooking or roasting well. But with these handy functions, there really is no need to worry!

Besides cooking, cleaning up is the one thing that expends a lot of effort and time. Luckily our dishwasher does the tough job for us and our oven has a self cleaning function which only takes minutes. The pyrolytic cleaning removes stubborn stains effortlessly by burning off the grease and food residue. All that’s left to do is to remove the ashes with just a paper towel. No more fighting over who’s doing the dishes or wiping down the oven!

There are so many functions of our oven that we haven’t gotten down to trying such as the steaming function. Recommend us some steaming recipes and we will try them next time!

If you’re interested in learning about the Series 8 oven for yourself, Bosch is now opening an invitation to my readers! 10 readers (and their plus ones) will get to enjoy a cooking and baking demonstration class in the Bosch Experience Centre. Sign up here to find out what the Series 8 oven can do for yourselves!

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