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Things To Pack In My Hospital Bag


I’m currently at week 38 of my pregnancy and based on my last gynaecologist visit, I’m already getting contractions and 2cm dilated. So I guess the waiting game has started and I am ready to pop ANYTIME. 

I would recommend packing your hospital bag earlier (at week 36 at least) because you really never know when your little one will arrive. It is truly surreal to think that our lives are going to drastically change in a matter of days now. 

I scrambled to make this packing list for you guys but some thoughts have been put into it for weeks. In fact, I’ve been slowly collecting and buying things for my hospital bag since as early as the tail end of my second trimester. At the bottom of this post, I’ve created a printable checklist for you so that you can check all the items off when it is your turn to pack your hospital bag. It is not all-inclusive but I’d say most of the basic needs are covered in there. 

For Mummy

This is definitely going to be the longest list as there is so much happening post-birth. The ultimate consideration here is COMFORT.

1. Clothes

I am most likely going to dress in the hospital gowns provided by the hospital but I felt a little extra and bought myself my own maternity/delivery robe from ETSY a month back! Not sure if it was an impulse buy (I think it pretty much was!) but I kinda regret it now. Anyway, it is in full linen, has pretty embroidery details on the sleeve (which drew me to it) and, I suppose, will act as a memento to mark my first birthing experience. 

Additionally, I am planning to pack some comfy PJs with buttons all the way down for easy nursing. For my going home outfit, I will probably pack a simple dress from my maternity wardrobe. I have yet to decide on which one but I don’t think I’ll be fussing much about it. Dresses are a good option in case I end up doing an emergency c-sect and need to care for the wound. 


I’ll also be throwing in a pair of comfy flip flops to walk around in the hospital. I love these easy slip on’s from SomeDaysAtHome. They’re fuss free, minimal and the softest pair of flats I’ve ever owned. I am bringing this instead of my usual slippers in case my feet get cold and I want to throw on a pair of socks. I wouldn’t want anything in between my toes to get in the way!

2. Nipple Cream, Breast Pads and Breast Pump

My dear friend, Jenn, highly recommended the Nipple Balm from Earth Mama. She actually bought it for me alongside some other really sweet personalised gifts for my baby. The nipple balm is organic, breastfeeding-safe and perfect for dry skin. I’ve heard many terrible stories of painful bleeding nipples especially at the start when the baby first latches. Jenn advised me to already start applying the balm now as she did the same and it helped her a great deal. The organic nipple butter is botanical-rich, lanolin-free and non-sticky. This is definitely an item going into my hospital bag. 

I’m also bringing along with me my breast pump from Hegen. I actually have not figured out how to use it (yet) but during a recent ParentCraft session at Mount A, Sister Kang advised me to bring along a breast pump (she specifically advised the brand: HAAKAA) to collect milk from one lactating boob while the baby feeds on the other.  Also, since I’ll be getting so much help, advice and assistance from the nurses and lactation consultants, I thought it’d be helpful if I bring along the breast pump that I’ll be using when I return back home so I can do some practical learning there! 

For my breast pads, I’m bringing the entire box which I got from Tomme Tippee! They’re disposable so I don’t have to worry about keeping them after each use.  

3. Nursing Bra and Disposable Cotton Undies

I bought two different nursing bras to test out and have determined that my favourite is the one I got Pret-a-Pregger. It’s semi thick band provides wonderful support. The padding is insanely comfy and I absolutely love the snugness and fit of the material against my skin. 
I got my disposable maternity briefs from Mothercare for convenience sake as I was running out of time to buy everything I needed. They’re made from a breathable material that is ideal for use with maternity towels. I got fitted by one of the staff in the store and she advised me the right size to get. 

4. Toiletries, Skincare, Make Up

Definitely, my mini set of shampoo and conditioner from Percy and Reed, as well as my body wash from DrJart + my toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash for my basic toiletries. I’m also considering bringing my make up pouch and curling iron in case we want to take some photos on Day 2. My lips are always chapped and I cannot imagine how chapped they’ll be. I’m throwing in my favourite lip tint from Handmade Heroes. Don’t forget your hair ties, body lotions, face masks and make up remover too! Packing this bag like I would for a trip, all in my same trusty travel toiletries pouch. 

5. Perineal Spray

Many recommend to use a vagina numbing spray to soothe soreness and pain after giving birth. I’ve decided to go with Earth Mama again as it has no paragons, butane, propellants or artificial fragrance. It’s been highly raved about by other mamas for it’s cooling ingredients, such as cucumber, and organic herbs that are traditionally used for postpartum relief. I got the spray on version instead of the balm as I thought it’d be a lot more convenient for application. 

9. Extra Thick Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are sanitary pads right? But I decided to get maternity specific ones from Mothercare as they are proven to be “thick enough” and absorbent enough for my postpartum needs. Vaginal bleeding is expected to be heavy and I’ve stocked up on these thick sanitary pads that will prevent leaks. Choose one that is smooth enough so that it won’t irritate the stitches. Mothercare’s pads have a soothing aloe vera infused towel and wings for extra security. 

For Baby

1. Onesies, new-born cap, mittens and booties, swaddlers, burp cloth

There’s definitely that option to bring a couple of sets or just one for going home. We have brought along our favourite/most-striking one for photos! I got this entire matching set from Mothercare and it even came with matching mittens! 

I believe the hospital will dress him and swaddle him for the rest of his stint there!  Be sure to take note of dressing them in button up onesies so diaper changing will be a breeze. 

I am also bringing my own swaddle options for various photo opportunities! I got one really soft one from Petite Basics and it is so cute because it comes with a matching beanie. I’ve also stocked up on additional Muslin Wraps from Mothercare. I especially love the safari prints as they are super in theme with my nursery (which I’ll be revealing soon). I also brought his cute little Lion jelly cat stuffed toy for photos. Option are always good! 

2. Car Seat

This is probably the most important item to bring for the baby. The car seat should be properly and safely installed prior to labour.  It is something that will not fit into your hospital delivery bag and this might slip off from mind so best to get this sorted slightly further in advance. We got the highly raved Cyber Cloud Q Car Seat in graphite black and we can’t wait to put it to use. We have also made it a point to include an intensive interior car wash before the baby comes. 

3. Letterboard /Announcement cards

If you’re looking to document his first ever photo with birth details like his weight, height, time of birth, etc.. You can consider preparing this in advance. I’m always a huge fan of letter boards as it is fully customisable. I managed to get some additional letters and numbers from Letter Soiree just yesterday (in time before my baby’s arrival)! Other options include announcement cards like the cute stack of cards which I recently got from iShopChangi (ThePaperBunny)! Again, options are always nice! 

Essential Documents

Pack along a copy of your insurance papers, identification cards (mom and dad), marriage certification, a letter from gynae, blood test results, hospital admission form and your hospital file so that your doctor can run through your medical history easily. Don’t forget your receipts for Medisave claims and also your Cord Life Kit if you’ve opted to save your baby’s cord blood/cord lining. 

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