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8 Korean Street Food That You Must Try!

South Korea

Seoul Fashion Week has come to an end and I can’t believe that it is over! Kpop, fashion and kimchi aside, Seoul has the best Korean food and we (James and I) have been looking forward to this moment throughout our entire time here – the moment that we can venture out into the streets of Korea and try out their bedazzling array of street food.

We are huge fans of Korean food and we are seoul excited to share with you 10 of our favorite inexpensive, hearty and mouth-watering street foods that we got to try at Myeongdong night market!

Pro tip: if you intend on having a feast at one of Seoul’s night market, we’d advise you to bring small change, a disposable plastic bag to throw your rubbish in after you are done with the food for convenience sake (so you can eat more) and your handy smart phone for google translate! 😉

First up on the list would be my favourite – Gimbap.
Gimbap is essentially a Korean version of the Japanese sushi, made from a row and then sliced and served! Gimbap is made up of seaweed (gim), steamed white rice (bap) that is seasoned, a variety of ingredients such as pickles, cucumber, spinach, carrot and seafood or meat such as hot dog, sausage, crabmeat and tuna. One thing I love about street style Gimbap is the sesame seeds sprinkled on top!
Price: 5000 won

Nothing quenches your thirst as much as freshly squeezed juice. We saw many stalls selling these freshly squeezed juices in a bag and we got ourselves one to try.  This may just be one of the best orange juices I have tasted in my life and we enjoyed it to the very last drop!
Price: 4000 won

We were in for a treat when we spotted the Dakkochi stand – your classic Korean barbecued meat off the street. The aroma of grilled chicken glazed with an assortment of sauces and marinades was enough to compel us to get a stick and perhaps a few more after that… Well, who can resist this devilishly goodness? Not us.
Price: 4000 won

Jajangmyeon is a Korean/ Chinese handmade thick wheat noodle dish that is complemented with salty black bean sauce, topped off with ingredients such as diced pork and vegetables. We enjoyed slurping up the noodles in the cold weather, it was very comforting.
Price: 4000 won

This lobster with cheese street snack is highly raved on the internet and we were so excited to try it out! Although this dish is on the higher price point, it was worthwhile. The lobsters were grilled and torched to perfection and served with melted gooey cheese. The melted cheese brought out the flavour of the lobster and it softened the texture of the lobster meat at the same time.. More cheese on seafood please!
Price: 15000 won

It is difficult to miss out stores selling Gyeran-ppang because you will be hit by the smell of sweet and fresh bread! Gyeran-ppang is known as the Korean Street Style Egg Bread. As the name suggests, there is a whole egg inside a hot fluffy loaf of bread and it is a popular snack during the colder months among the locals. It tasted slightly sweet and salty at the same time and I totally understand why this is a crowd’s favorite.
Price: 2000 won

Tteokbokki is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. It is made up of rice cakes (tteok) served with sweet and spicy thick sauce (gochujang). We had spicy stir-fried chicken chunks with tteokbokki and it was a great combination choice as the meat was so tender you could cut it with your fork.
Price: 5000 won

‘Bungeoppang’ means fish-shaped pastry in Korean. Bungeoppang is commonly filled with ice cream and azuki beans, but we managed to chance upon this particular vendor who has a unique topping – raw honeycomb. Sweet flavourful honeycomb with ice cream was an indulgence by itself and it was truly a delicious dessert. I enjoyed it too much and almost finished the whole ice cream by myself… (sorry James!)
Price: 5000 won

That’s a roundup of the list of food that we got to try this time round. Let us know if which one is your favourite!

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