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Crossing Borders: Belmond’s Eastern & Oriental Express

Singapore to Thailand

James and I had the opportunity to be on board the icon of rails and be transported to a bygone era of romance and nostalgia.  We traveled from Singapore to Thailand not by the conventional way of taking a plane, but by train! It was our first time and we were so curious and excited about being on board the train. I have only heard great things about the majestic Belmond’s Eastern & Oriental Express and it reminded me of a movie – The Polar Express!



If you find Belmond’s Eastern & Oriental Express train familiar, it is because Murder on the Orient Express was filmed on this very luxury sleeper train that is run by the Belmond Group! My personal butler revealed that Johnny Depp stayed in the exact cabin that we were sleeping in, and he too was his personal butler! How cool!

The train traveled through Singapore and across Malaysia to bring us to our final destination – Bangkok, Thailand. The journey took us about 3 days (including 2 pit stops) and the journey was an experience in itself!

The Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express is made up of 22 cabins and consists of 2 restaurants called the Piano Bar and the Observatory Bar, a library and their uniquely trademark Orient Express Shop. Of course being on such an adventure had me worried that I would be without wifi connection but I was surprised that the WIFI on board was superb! Yet, we took the chance to unwind without the distractions of the internet.


With the impeccable luxury service by our personal carriage butler and comfortable rooms with an attached en-suite toilet complete with luxurious amenities, we had an extremely comfortable stay. 


Eastern & Oriental Express are well-known for the gastronomic variety of Eastern and European gourmet dishes on board with chefs using the finest and freshest ingredients. We were so lucky to have had on board the ride with us Chef Ian Kittichai, a world’s famous award-winning Thai chef. We saw his fans waving from outside the train when we entered into Thailand. His food was a real gastronomical treat and the attention to detail, perfect execution of dishes and exceptional service definitely added on to the noteworthy dining experience.

Not only do you get to experience the train ride by itself, there are also pit stops for you to opt for selected excursions during the journey to Thailand! We stopped by a local village in Malaysia where we experienced rubber tapping in their plantations and were welcomed by the community with some snacks.

Three days two night on board Belmond’s Eastern & Oriental Express felt like a dream and every moment was truly magical. There was just something about the train cutting through the quaint villages and lush vegetation. James and I had the best memorable experience and we do urge you guys to try out this experience at least once!

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