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Belated check-in from the land of smiles! This trip was honestly nothing short of spectacular. Still feeling so blessed to have been massively pampered with a luxurious place to stay, a cosmic ton of food (good food, to be precise), and to be in the company of my most light-hearted and happy-go-lucky photographer/friend, Melvin.
We decided to take it easy with very little planned in our itinerary, except for pre-arranged meetings with blogger friends, Nuffnang Thailand, and fashion designers, as well as to lend some love and support to Thea by Thara at their fashion show.

Here’s one of my poolside staples– a bikini which just arrived in the mail from Triangl Swimwear. You may have seen other Triangl pieces that I’ve previously owned, but this one has just made it to the top of the charts in my collection of bikinis. I love that it is not just vibrant and fun but also feels extremely secure– perfect for some serious swimming and not just poolside lounging.

I spent most mornings by the pool just to unwind and get my daily dose of Vitamin D. Can’t help but feel full of gratitude to Ginza Calla for all the pretty epic unlimited IPL services they’ve showered me with since the signing of my ambassadorship.

Being hairless has become an essential part of grooming as it does not only encourage hygiene but it is also a confidence booster.

If you’re looking looking for IPL on your underarm, fingers, hands and V-line, this $78 unlimited package is a definite steal. Find out more at!

I will be back sharing more photos from this trip, especially about my hotel stay(s), which I’m brimming with praises of! Definitely far too many pictures to sort, but I promise I’ll get to it as soon as I can because I know it’ll be worth it!

Bikini from Triangl
Location: St Regis Hotel, Bangkok
Photos by Multifolds Photography

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