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2 hours after boarding the train from Paris, we arrived in London. Upon checking in immediately into LA Suite West, we were surprised by the extremely contemporary, modern and minimalistic design of the interior, housed in a typical white town house.
It was interesting that the very simple and neat design with a touch of Japanese vibe, gave off such a warm and welcoming ambiance.
I felt at home already, almost immediately.

My favourite part of it all was the location, which I only got to appreciate after traveling around London City on Day 2. One should never take convenience for granted. LA Suite West is located within a 15 minute walk of Diana Memorial Playground, Kensington Gardens and Palace, a stone throw (2 minutes to be exact) from Bayswater Station. This translates to just 20 minutes to the Big Ben and 10 minutes to Oxford Circus.

Food is also a huge part my travels. I travel for food. Food is not merely a form of sustenance to me. Food is everything. I was elated to find out that the famous London Duck (like Gold Mine and Four Seasons) was just a street away from me. As well as a whole bunch of other very delicious eateries, restaurants and cafes.
Learning that LA Suite West offered a raw and vegan menu, I was quite excited because I thought I finally had a chance to clear my system and detox. The hotel is alcohol-free and the menu consists of a selection of pastries, fresh fruits and greek yogurt, eggs of all sorts, pancakes and delicious smoothies.
We ordered breakfast to the room and it ended up becoming a massive breakfast-in-bed party! Now, act surprised!

With the great food, modern architecture, fully-marbled toilets, impeccable service and great location, LA Suite West left a lasting impression on me. I’m not sure when my next trip to London will be, but I’m definitely looking forward to staying there again!


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