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Magical Paris


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Playing it back to my very last night in Paris, all I can say is that it was simply magical. I was completely absorbed into every single moment, breathing in my surroundings and captivated by all that was before my eyes.
This is officially my first series of photos, shot with Multifolds, for my exclusive collaboration with Dressabelle SG and Dressabelle MY. I chose it to be the first set I share with you guys because of the significance of it– I think this really does sum up the entirety of my stint in Paris.
I had always dreamed of doing a whimsical shoot, styled with a touch of vintage flair and being surrounded by beautiful night lights, music and carousels. I think my dream came true when I took a peek at the photos from Melvin’s camera immediately after the set. I’m glad that we stretched ourselves for these photos despite how challenging it was. It was around 15 degrees C that night.

Nonetheless, I just kept looking forward till the clock strikes the next hour (XX:00) because the view of the Eiffel Tower, glittering was so breathtaking.

Looking back, my Polka Dotted blouse does remind me of the pretty light bokeh effect captured by the camera. Owning a simple and functional vintage piece like such is such a great idea. If you’re keen to view the outfits which I handpicked from Dressabelle for my “MelxDressabelle” project, find the items by clicking here! Some of them are up already but more will be added as I go along. A special discount code awaits you in there too!

Prepping photos for a couple more outfits, so check back soon for updates!

Polka Dotted Top from Dressabelle SG/MY
Photography & Editing by Multifolds

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