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You know how fairy tales and the make-believes sometimes get our hopes up in the ever-so-popular cliche “happily ever after”?
I realized one thing this year: You dream, you keep the faith, hold on to it and then work hard to your dreams come to live.

Look where I am? In the middle of a desert, watching an incredible sunset, singing love songs to the love of my life, and just savouring in every moment we have together.

Bad days don’t last, so hold your head high and never let your tiara fall. An end of a fabled love story, a bad job, a failed friendship, is just a new chapter of something else that is beautiful to come.

Flip the page as this year turns into a new one in the next couple of days. Begin a brand new chapter in your life.
Forget about the people who’ve taken you for granted. Forget about what you’re hurting about. Forget about everything that’s holding you back or stopping you from feeling limitless.

Rebuild yourself with new experiences and new memories. Go out there and explore the world. Surround yourself with people that make your heart flutter. I was definitely swept off my feet by my long time bestfriend and favourite companion, now fiance and love of my life. But I didn’t fall flat. In fact, I stood up, tall and strong. He came into my life, lived my dreams with me as he lived his. We built our lives around one another and our dreams together. We’ve not lost sight of who we are but we’ve remain grounded. We’re flying, and flying so high together.

This is no fairy tale or a beautiful love story but just two simple people in love. I don’t know about happily ever afters anymore and it hardly ever crosses my mind. But every single moment just being beside him feels so beautifully close to that.
This boy has proven to be not just a new chapter in my “book of life”, but deserving to be the title too.

Photos by Svetlana from Sweet Escape

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