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8 Best Places To Eat At In New York City

New York

New York City is definitely a foodie’s haven. Food options are definitely limitless and we’re definitely spoilt for choice every single time we’re there. We find that we need to squeeze in at least 4-5 meals a day to discover new places and re-visit my old favourites. Today, im sharing with you my TOP 8 long time favourites to eat at in the Big Apple!
I’ve lived in New York for 3 months during my summer internship and I’m so happy that some of these places like Lombardi’s Pizza and Eileen’s Cheesecake are still around today.

1. Butler’s Bakeshop

Butler’s Bakehouse’s kitchen was a new find this trip but I’ve fallen in love with this humble little bakery in Brooklyn. Led by Ryan Butler,who is a famous a Michelin-starred pastry chef, the pastries here are no doubt one of the best that we have ever tried! I especially loved the avocado toast and simple hot soup. It was a perfect little brunch spot to hide away from the cold. I’ll definitely return to try the other items in their menu during my next trip!

2. Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

This is the most irresistible cheesecake ever! James and I find ourselves back here again and again every time we are back in New York! There’s always a long queue snaking around the block and the cheesecakes are so good because they are passed down from her Eileen’s mother! It used to be a lot less expensive (based on my memory) but it seems to have gone up in price every time I return.

3. Fried Dumplings

Hands down the absolute best dumplings I’ve had ever. These delectable pan-fried dumplings are big, tender, juicy, and nicely stuffed with soup and fillings! You can get a serving of 5 dumplings at $1.25 only! This is a no frills dumpling place in Chinatown and there’s only a few bar stools and those seats are usually taken, best to have them taken away but be sure to consume it when it’s hot!

4. Harwood On Hudson

Harwood on Hudson is an Italian restaurant in the West Village that is apt for dates in my opinion! They serve delicious signature dishes along with elevated classics. Harwood on Hudson features a mix of cozy yet polished vintage brass themed fixtures and the color palette of the restaurant was a good representation of the West Village neighborhood. We had the best fried chicken and waffle here and I promise you, it’s worth every calorie!

5. Jack’s Wife Freda

Jack’s Wife Freda is another place that we highly recommend especially for brunch. This place is well known for its brunch menu, especially the peri-peri chicken, beet dip, waffles and salads!
The rosewater waffles are my absolute favourite. It is complemented with Lebanese yogurt, mixed berries and honey syrup, simply delectable!
It tends to get really crowded on weekends and the wait time can go up to 2 hours. Pop by this place only if you’ve time to spare. You could leave your name down and then shop around SOHO before returning again to check in on your line status.

6. Lombardi’s Pizza

Lombardi’s coal oven pizza have been an old favourite of mine. It might not necessarily be the ‘best’ but it does feel so much like home to me. It is my absolute comfort food as I used to eat it so often back during my internship days. I lived just a street away from Lombardis! What i love particularly about their pizza is that it is gloriously charred, so the crust is really crispy and there’s a bite with a crunch! The fillings can be customised accordingly to your preference. I always pick the meatballs, spinach and mushrooms by default. I love that it is relatively ‘wet’ with the sauce, so it complements perfectly with the smoky crispness of the crust! 

7. Nam Son

This is by far my favourite pho place in New York! The Vietnamese selection of dishes is amazing and they’re all really good but I keep going back for a comforting bowl of pho. I am a creature of habit so I tend to stick to just the Pho Tai but I’m very happy wherever I get to eat there with friends so we can order a few dishes to share! If you’re craving for some nice Vietnamese food, I’d highly recommend this place! It is reasonably priced, authentic and delicious!

8. Matchaful

For all matcha fans, look no further! Matchaful has the best matcha and aesthetically pleasing interiors as well. We really enjoyed the matcha latte as it had the right balance of sweet and bitter! It can get a little pricey but their combintation of drinks with various vegan milk options make them so unique! If you’re thinking to indulge in a nice cuppa on a cold day! You know where to be. P.S. this shop is just a few steps away from Jack’s Wife and across the road from Eileen’s cheese cake and a stone throw from Lombardi’s!

That’s a wrap to the best places to eat at in NYC, and my personal favourites that i frequent every time I am in the city!

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