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Timeless Foliages



Never in my wildest imagination, would I ever imagine myself to land up in the middle of an island, at a rustic light house with such a long standing history behind it.
I was honestly taken aback by the beauty of what was presented before my eyes at first glance, but as I stayed longer in the area to shoot these photos, I started to feel one with my surroundings. It was beautiful embracing the chirping noises in the distance, feeling the wind in my hair, and soaking in the entirety of the atmosphere.
Looking back to those “Guimaras Days” (or so I call it), I had a sight on how carefree and easy life was just across the shore from Singapore. Time since the “Guimaras Days” have slipped away so quickly, and I’m just grasping to breathe in between all my meetings, shoots, events and whatnot.

Wearing the most well-made floral jumpsuit from Hollyhoque. There’s no better word to describe how fitted and perfect it is, other than “well-made”. Comfort is always key in dressing, no matter how stunning or fashionable it is. The prints are great, the cut is wonderful, and the whole of it is gorgeous. I hope my photos do this outfit justice.

In my last post, I mentioned that I was leaving for Paris on the next day, but my trip got postponed for a couple of days because my Aunt (a.k.a Ku Ma) passed on on the very day of my intended departure.

I’m flying off later this evening, so do expect a load of updates on my instagram so do catch me there!

Outfit from Hollyhoque
Photo by Multifolds Photography
Shot in Guimaras Island, in c/o Cebu Air

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