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Capturing Tokyo City from my eyes


Bringing you through our favourite places in Tokyo. We frequent so often that Tokyo somehow is close to feeling like a second home to us but what’s surprising is that every single time we go to the same place still feels so brand new.

There’s just something so wonderful about Japan- the culture, the food, the people and the place. I captured it all with my new Fujifilm XE3. I love pictures because they not only freeze a moment in time but a wonderful memory is usually attached to it.

The Fujifilm XE3 performed exceptionally well in low light. Focusing was extremely easy with just a touch of the screen and the colours (as always) were beautiful and vibrant.
The continuous shooting speeds up to 8fps and 14fps (electronic shutter), making the GIF image I shot above possible!

I’ve been using the Fujifilm XT20 before this and while the quality and sharpness matches up, the XE3 is so might lighter and compact, making it the perfect travel companion.

Plus, both cameras record videos in 4K! Check out the vlog which I did on my YouTube Channel!

One draw back though, the XE3 is a fixed screen so it cannot flip up if you’re looking to do flatlays or high angle shots. However, the prices of both cameras are quite similar so I guess it boils down to personal preference of whether you prefer to titling screen or a smaller body and lighter weight.

I can’t wait to return to Tokyo again early next year! Something pretty intense and exciting is brewing and I’ll reveal it in no time.

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