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Why We Love Hokkaido


Hokkaido is spectacular on its own with the scenic views, delicious food and people! Did you know that the latitude of Hokkaido is about the same as that of Rome (Italy), Boston (the US), and Toronto (Canada) but the winter climate is colder and heavier snowfall, compared with that of other cities on the same latitude? 

We had the chance to visit Hokkaido last summer and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there! The number of tourists has been on the rise every year! In 2011, there was a total of 560,000 visitors to Hokkaido and the number of foreign visitors to Hokkaido in 2017 was 2.8 mil. Definitely a tourist destination and we urge you guys to visit this beautiful Japan island!

One of our favourite places in Hokkaido would be the flower fields. It was certainly an incredible sight when the summer flowers were in full bloom and you’d see a sea of red, yellow, orange and purple! 

Hokkaido is also famous for its mountains and we managed to visit one during our visit too! It was lovely to appreciate the great panoramic view over the surrounding hills and lakes. Hokkaido is truly a place of untouched wilderness! 

I recently attended a talk about disaster management in Japan and resilient nations hosted by Reuters Plus during which there was a panel discussion graced by subject matter experts.

One of the panelists defined resilience as the ability for nations to continue to thrive even in situations of shocks and stresses whether nature or man-made (i.e. terrorism). She highlighted the importance that every business, individual and country work toward building this attribute.

They also spoke about technologies that have been developed to accurately predict the oncoming of natural disasters and improve a nation’s ability to react and respond to cataclysmic emergencies.

It was both comforting and insightful to learn about the efforts being channelled into protecting Japan from disasters.

The talk then shifted to a more light-hearted mood with a sharing about why we should visit Hokkaido that made me reminisce of my previous trip there.

If natural disasters in Japan is a consideration that is hindering you from visiting Japan, here’s some useful information about emergency support stations that you might want to keep in mind during your visit! 🙂
Emergency Support Station 1

In the event of natural disasters (earthquake, typhoon etc) and accidents (blackout, terrorism etc),  you can get access to Hokkaido Safety Travel Information by visiting this website (

Emergency Support Station 2

Another way for you to reach out or to retrieve news, you can visit the Twitter account of Hokkaido Tourist Office: @TourismHokkaido to be updated with the latest news!

Emergency Support Station 3

For charging locations for smartphones and wi-fi spots, you can visit the Hokkaido Government Representative Office website! ( )

This article is sponsored by Hokkaido Tourism Board.

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