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Try These Scenic Routes for Next Your Outdoor Run


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – phase 2! It’s really exciting and comforting to be able to roam around and simply soak up the bustling streets of Singapore once again. And of course, many have been anxiously waiting for the return of their favourite gyms and fitness classes. We all know the struggle of trying to do burpees without disturbing our neighbours with endless thumping. Of course, life back in the gym won’t be the same for a while, and with class size restrictions, it’s definitely increasingly difficult to get that coveted spot in that a.m. HIIT class. But that doesn’t mean that you’re confined to working out in your home or neighbourhood park! Here’s a compilation of some beautiful routes you could explore on your next walk, run or workout. 

Bukit Batok Town Park: Little Gui Lin

If heading outdoors is your way of escaping the grind of daily life, tight deadlines and enormous workloads, look further than this quaint little park just off Bukit Gombak. What was once a Gammon granite factory in the 80s has turned into a picturesque backdrop for photoshoots and nature-lovers and for good reason. The Little Guilin Lake Garden’s looming granite rocks bear a stark resemblance to Guilin, in Southern China. Is your wanderlust soul tingling? Head over if you want to be transported to a different country, no passport required.


MacRitchie Reservoir needs no formal introduction. Most Singaporeans would be familiar with the country’s oldest reservoir. The combination of trail, pavement and boardwalk makes it the perfect route for solo-runners and families alike, a must-go running destination if you ask me. The reservoir is also fully equipped with lockers, water-coolers, bathrooms and food kiosks, in case you get peckish mid-way through your walk. 

Nassim Road 

Be inspired by some of the most spectacular homes in the area. Start the route at MOE’s CCA branch along Evans Road and make a turn towards Nassim Road. Your run will just fly by as you marvel at the gorgeous good class bungalows that stretch out across multiple units. Let’s be honest, we all want a glimpse of how those multi-million dollar homes look like. See if you can spot a few Embassies along the way too!

Nanyang Technological University

Most westies flock to Jurong Lake Gardens or West Coast Park for their respite from the city, but very few know of the beautiful route deep within Nanyang Technological University. The campus recently unveiled their rejuvenated Yunnan Garden, which spans a whooping 9 hectares. Run through the Chinese Heritage Centre, pass a wide array of shrubs, gardens and traditional pavilions before ending your route at the beautiful waterfall at Nanyang Lake. It’s a sight that’s worth the trip. 

Bukit Timah Railway

Those in the mood for some nostalgia would enjoy this trail along the Green Corridor. The entire route spans 26km which is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Instead, I’d opt for the easier route, from the Rail Mall to Bukit Timah Railway Station. The main attractions to look out for on this route are the two iconic black trestle bridges from the early 19th Century! This trail has some unshakeable historical heritage and running down the preserved sections of the train track is a welcome change of scenery. Be mindful of the gaps between the tracks though!

Lorong Halus Wetland

What used to be a landfill is now a scenic spot to soak up the views of the reservoir and the nearby Coney Island. There’re photo-worthy spots in every corner of this wetland. Lalang fields, ponds and its striking red bridge make perfect locations for a yoga session or some conditioning exercises. You could even do some sprints down the iconic bridge. Whether you’re looking for a place to soothe your senses and reconnect with nature, or simply a nice place to pound the pavement, Punggol’s Lorong Halus Wetland is certainly the place to be.

Marina Waterfront

No running destination list in Singapore is complete without mentioning Marina Bay or its accompanying Gardens by the Bay. While crossing over from Esplanade to Marina Bay Sands on the Marina Bay Loop is an incredibly beautiful route, not enough love is paid to its close counterpart – the waterfront running route from the National Stadium to Gardens by the Bay. This loop is definitely less crowded and offers a cooling breeze as you zoom past the kayakers on one side, and a stretch of beautiful green landscaping on the other. 

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