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Turning 30 today

Dear, Diary

Some say 30 is the new 20. Others say 30 is when you start living your best life.
Here I am, just hitting the BIG 3 as the clock strikes 12 tonight and trying to figure what has changed and what will change..
I am soon entering a brand new phase of my life, taking on a new “MOM-role” that will be completely foreign to me. I am trekking on new ground with my businesses and exploring all the new possibilities and ideas that come my way with an invincible and positive mindset.
I am asking for help when I need it, and not feeling bad about it at all. 
I don’t think turning 30 is actually much of a turning point but this year, and very much lately, I have been feeling a lot more confident and self-assured than ever before.
I look myself in the mirror on some days when I look like absolute crap, then make a quick decision to either doll up or go bare, and I’m completely ok with whatever I decide. Nobody’s to judge anyway. 
I don’t beat myself up over mini failures, setbacks or things that don’t go my way. I move on fast, I’m quick to forgive and I let go of things very easily.
I take pride and pleasure in building my home like the way I build my brand and I find joy as much joy in doing house hold chores as I do in creating content.
I don’t get affected by what other people say or think. I am not influenced by how I should act or behave based on what everyone else expects of me. I set my own benchmark. I’ve come to realise that everything is temporary and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
I’ve learnt that the world owes me nothing and I don’t owe the world anything either.
My heart is always centred around God and I know He’s got my back no matter what. 

Another year older, another year of endless blessings, opportunities and good things.

Thank you for journeying with me always! 

Thank you to my dearest and most supportive friend, Joanne, from Brand Cellar, for sending over this cake today! 

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