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Dear, Diary

So here’s a little (or big?) secret that I’ve been keeping from you guys all these months. I’m bursting with so much joy and incredible excitement as I make this glorious announcement on my blog that I am pregnant!









Last Christmas was so extra special for James & I because we had in mind that the biggest gift of a baby in the coming year. I wanted so badly to make the announcement then as we had already past the first trimester mark but I felt like I wanted to keep it private and intimate for just a little longer so James and I could enjoy it all to ourselves first.

Since the start of my second trimester, we’ve been slowly revealing the good news to our family, relatives and close friends and team. I’m now mid-way through my pregnancy and I feel more amazing than ever.

James and I are so thrilled to welcome our first child. We are enjoying every bit of this brand new journey and we are building anticipation until the arrival of the little one. We know our lives are going to change forever and while we’re nervous as first-time parents, we want to give thanks to God for this wonderful blessing.  


It’s officially time to turn our home office into a nursery and start rallying all the fellow mommies for tips, tricks and recommendations! Thank you for being a part of my journey and I cannot wait to share what’s ahead with you!

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