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We had an amazing pop-up and flea!


Firstly, a big big thank YOU for the amazing response and support you’ve lent me at my pop-up/flea last weekend. It was quite a last minute and crazy decision of mine to hold a solo flea but I guess the nesting instincts have set in and I got into a really crazy frenzy one night, really determined to clear out my home office to make space for my baby nursery. To all of you lovely souls who came down to Curious Palette over the weekend to shop, because you wanted to snag up good deals, because you wanted to lend me your support or even just to say hi, take a picture together and give me a hug, my heart is so full and bursting with overwhelming gratitude.

It gets tiring going through the routine at times and there have been the not-so-good days where I question my work, my purpose and the content I put out there. But this was a timely reassurance from you guys, that I do actually inspire you to dream big, encourage you to put your 100% in everything and love what you do every single day of your lives. All the congratulations, kindness, little conversations really mean the world to James and I.

This was also the first time I showed you guys the various brands we got on board for Some Days at Home (SDAH). We are a curated collection of brands that we truly support and absolutely adore. We were so blessed to have our good friend, Eugenia (founder of Nodspark) to be around on Friday, to personally give a complimentary manicure to those who purchased our nail wraps!

Our best sellers remained best sellers during the pop-up — this included the Handmade Heroes lip tints and dry shampoo, our exclusive nail wrap design with Nodspark and our exclusive range of shoes too! We also showcased an exclusive preview of an upcoming launch of our Comfy Knit Tops, available in rust, olive and black and white basics.

The Run After section of our flea was bustling during the entire three days. Our grab bags went out of stock after Day 1 because some of you guys came back for a second and third round! We priced the grab bags at a steal because these were rejected stocks and samples that we couldn’t sell on the racks. We are really stringent with our QC and anything with slight deviation from what it is supposed to be are considered “rejects”. I guess that was how we ended up with so much “rejected goods” but I’m so happy they all found a place in your wardrobe (and hearts)! Someone came up to tell me personally that she’s been saving so hard to finally earn her “first run after piece” and she was so happy to make her first purchase at this pop-up event! It was really really heartwarming. 

It made me really happy that this small and humble community that I’ve built over the years are so inspiring and uplifting in more ways than one. I cannot thank you enough, and I am looking forward till when we meet again! Another special and final mention to Curious Palette. Thank you Ryan and team, for being so extremely accommodating — for feeding me so well (too well) over the entire duration and for staying back till wee hours of the morning because we needed time to re-pack and re-organise the place. You guys have been so hospitable, kind and welcoming. I’m always and ever grateful.

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  1. Eugenia
    04 Apr 2019 @ 9:59 pm

    Had such a blast, Mel!! You and your team did so well handling the crowd! Till the next one, xx

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