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Our one-and-only WEDDING CAKE TASTING session


There are so many parts to a wedding that requires advanced planning and an eye for detail. Anyone that has been through this phase will know better. Not only does it consume quite a substantial amount of time, but it also requires a good amount of research (think pinterest boards after pinterest boards) and even to the finer details of nailing down the overall concept and theme, because you want everything to tie in together.

The wedding cake on its own is quite a statement and I would say, a show stealer. Apart from the beautiful gowns, suits, flowers, decor and location, everything else plays a part in tying the entire wedding theme together. We brought along our stylist, Phillane, for our first ever CAKE tasting at Winifred Kristé Cake. Now can you imagine, we’ve been through multiple food tastings, and THIS- a cake tasting! But it was our utmost pleasure to have experienced this whole cake tasting process and witnessed some of Wini’s very intricate cake designs, tasted the delectable flavours, and had first hand experience at the exceptional service. It was nothing less than impressive, and I cannot expect anything less of the wedding cake on my BIG DAY!

Combining the art of cake-making and craft into what can only be described as hauté edible art, Winifred Kristé Cake operates out of a by-appointment-only boutique. Exquisitely designed cake orders are by-appointment only: the great thing about is, they take in orders up to one year in advance – you can practically start booking an appointment with them right after the proposal!

Booking for an appointment with Winifred Kristé Cake is also really easy.All we had to do was to pick out a cake tasting date on their website:! The steps are shown clearly there for you to follow to make your cake tasting appointment. Each session is priced at SGD85 and what you get is fun tasting session, accompanied with professional design advices, cake sketches done on the spot, and also witness their exclusive cake designs displayed in their studio: handmade sugar flower petals, meticulous hand-painted brush strokes, and exquisite cake designs. With a detailed FAQ on their site, a 3 working-day response policy and helpful contact form online, the boutique’s impressive customer service is quick to get back to you on your queries. I need vendors that are on the ball like this to get us going and keep us on track, given how much a procrastinator we are.

Tastings are always fun because it gives you a little peek into what you can expect on the actual day. We were given a selection of 8 delectable flavours, ranging from light flavours like lemon cream cheese, and raspberry lime cake to stronger rich flavours like salted caramel chocolate baileys & Earl grey chocolate. A for-sure refreshing fun flavour would be the Raspberry Lime- which gives a burst of light refreshing taste in the sea of citrusy and fruity flavour (perfect after a heavy 8 course meal) and an really interesting one will be Earl Grey Chocolate which gives you get a strong dark chocolate flavour when you first bite in, the light earl grey tea taste will comes after and lingers on your tongue. Perfect flavour party in the mouth! During the tasting, we got to try five different unique flavours and had to further narrow down to just three that we wanted for our actual day cake. It was a tough choice because we had so many favourites.

After the cake tasting, we discussed, designed and finalised our wedding cake with Winifred and the team to create 2 wedding cakes that best represented us and was in line with the overall theme. Thank goodness our wedding stylist, Phillane, was around to give her two cents. It is always good to have someone who knows the theme- so a good tip will be to bring your color swatch or invitation card to show Winifred and she can design a cake that will tie in together with everything at your wedding. We opted for a design that is intricate and exquisite, much like many of the cakes Winifred Kriste Cake had designed before.

To be frank, I didn’t dare to go beyond my boundaries because I went to Wini as I love her eye and work. A quick fact about Wini: She actually did an internship in Washington D.C. under the reputable Maggie Austin Cake and has taken part in specialised assignments ranging from cake and dessert spreads for Martha Stewart, to Victorian-styled sugar flower vases that were commissioned by the then First Lady of the U.S.A., Michelle Obama for The White House Christmas in 2014. I am really honoured & hence, then I knew I was ready and willing to take any design that she’d done before because they’re all so beautiful. That’s the thing about bespoke cakes- you get a design that is uniquely yours.

Looking through the gallery on the website, you will see a range of mesmerising cake designs.
I absolutely love the rustic, earthy tones of the cakes, which give off a feminine yet authentic vibe. With exquisite floral designs perched on these multilayered cakes, it’s almost as though these elegant cakes came right out of a fairytale! I have to admit that the thing I love the most about these cakes is the intricate sugar flowers. It’s nice to know that the cake boutique will give us a sweet little box to keep these sugar flowers as momentos of our very special day! I learnt that her sugar flowers can be kept years and years to come as long as you keep them in the right condition- which they will nicely provide an instruction card to teach you how to do so. Talk about exclusive after wedding service.

Winifred Kristé Cake is definitely the place to go should you want to create a wedding cake in Singapore. The booking process is fuss free, while the tasting and designing of the cake is both enjoyable and even inspiring! Most of all, you’re in the hands of a very trustworthy, professional and artistic team.

A good lead time to order your cake with Winifred Kristé Cake will be about two to six months in advance. For high wedding season like the year end weddings which usually ranges from September – December, do go to them early to avoid disappointment! In the mean time, if it’s still too early to order a cake, you may look through her gallery of cakes or you may work with your stylist or bridesmaids on gathering the theme or florists on flowers and colours, all these would be great inspiration areas for Winifred and her team to design a cake made just for your wedding! I’m confident with these information and visuals, Winifred Kristé Cake will make your dream wedding cake come to life!

I can’t wait to reveal the design of my cakes on my actual day! Keep close!

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    11 Feb 2020 @ 1:26 am

    I’m so amazing at what I saw on your blog,was searching for a nice site where I can get wedding cake for my cousin’s wedding. Your wedding cakes looks
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