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Weekends are made of these..

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Weekends are so extremely precious because it’s about the only time that I get to spend with family and friends, given that they all have school or a Mon-Fri/9-5PM job.

If you guys missed the memo earlier, I got engaged about a month back to the love of my life & long time best friend, James. It’s been a crazy month of non-stop work and I’ve been swamped to my neck but I’m happy that we finally got down to making some plans for our wedding.
Tonight, we got together with our family and close friends for a intimate visioning exercise, which greatly helped us to brainstorm some ideas for our big day. Conducted by James’ sister, Grace and my wedding planner Clare, we were asked questions individually and as a group with our bridal party.
We plotted out our life journey together, tracing back all the way to 14 years ago.

The questions popped to the group were something like, “What’s the first word you think of when you think of James”.. and then, “.. of Mel” and later on, “..of James and Mel”. Words thrown out for James were unanimously “BABS”, “BABOON” or “MONKEY” (from my girlfriends) amongst others like “devoted”, “guai” (which means, good boy) and “friendly”.
So in case you guys didn’t know, “BABS” is in short for “BABOON”, a nickname which I very proudly coined for him since about 13 years ago.

We then had a quiet moment to envision the wedding day and then share with each other elements of came to mind. I’ll leave the details for later as I patiently wait for Rainer to piece the video together!

This evening, I decided to call in deliveroo because I wanted to get to throw a mini home-style picnic party. It unintentionally turned into a massive operation as we shifted all the furniture out of the living room to make way for the set up. Thank you soooooo much for helping me with putting everything together, Phillane. You’ve been the sweetest and kindest person to work with!

Deliveroo has been my answer to so many “#whenmoments. When in doubt. When in a rush. When I’m pressed for time. When hungry. When I want variety. When I need convenience. When with friends. When alone. When I want to go healthy. When I want a cheat day. When I need to plan my day tomorrow. When I want it easy and fast.

Another shout out to Midnight Sparks for adding the most magical touch to this space. Fairy lights are everything!

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