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Page 1/365 starts now. They say if you want big results you gotta do big things. I am not hoping for anything BIG this year because I’ve come to take pride and joy in the smallest and simplest moments in life. This year, I have 20 simple wishes, hopes and aspirations.

Be present. I feel like I need to practice this more than I preach it. Being present is so important to me now, especially with baby Noah around. I constantly remind myself to soak in every passing moment because each is too precious to let it pass.

Be kind. Let go of the judgment, resentment and any toxic coping mechanisms. I don’t want to surround myself with toxic people, so I’m determined to part ways with people that do not live and breathe kindness.

Think: Make an Impact. I want to always question the value of my actions (or inactions).

To laugh more. I laugh a lot and quite hysterically at times. I promise I will not hold back. Laughter is the truly the best medicine for life.

Prioritise relationships. Over the past decade, I’ve actually come to realise that James and I (together as a couple) are quite introverted. We love being on our own and staying away from large crowds and big parties. This year, we want to value people that matter and spend time nurturing those relationships.  

Get fit and flexible. I’ve lost so much flexibility over the last couple of years that it actually kills me on the inside when I look at those “ballet” Instagrams. I want to get back on track.

Take breaks when needed. I want to recognise and value rest time.

Try something new. It’s time to expand my skillset, hobbies and interests!

Take a family holiday with Noah. My love for adventure and travels will never falter.

Be kind to my body. I want to listen to it better. Drink more water, eat frequent meals and eat well.

Get a new office space. This is on the way.

Grow a team. I’m hiring. Want to join?

Finish the things I start. I have a terrible habit of ditching things halfway and I want to kick that habit this year.

Build community. I want to meet you guys!

Prioritise God and His work. As always this comes first. 

Let go of control. Trust in the abilities of others and learn to “OUTSOURCE”— James’ favourite word.

Emphasise on Scheduling. I’ve found that this greatly helps with procrastination.

Declutter and Organise my space. My surroundings are a representation of my mind.

Flex my Creativity Muscle. I will not let daily tasks get in the way of this.

Collaborate. Because I recognise that the sum of a partnership is greater than its parts.

It’s tempting to make big and lofty goals at the start of the year (and this time, decade). People often set themselves up for disappointment. But I’d like to remind everyone out there that the most important thing is to try, to get one foot in the door; to not let fear get in the way and to see setbacks and lows as opportunity to grow and learn. Let’s continue to have God in the centre of our lives and let Him lead us through another wonderful year!

Happy 1/1 and blessings to you and your family this 2020! 


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