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What’s On My Reading List 📖

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There’s nothing better than unwinding and relaxing in the bathtub with a good book in hand!

I have shared my favourite bath products here¬†and today happens to be ‘Read In The Bathtub Day’ so I figured that it would be apt to show you guys’ what is on my reading list currently and also the books that I have read and loved!

A psychological thriller that will keep you up the entire night, or keep you occupied throughout your bath!

It is about a woman named Christine who wakes up every morning with no recollection of her memories. Everyday, she has to reconstruct her past through pictures, help from her husband, Ben and a journal that she writes in. However, the one person she trust entirely could be lying. And the closer she gets to the truth, the more unbelievable it seems.

This book showcases the malleability of a kid’s mind and it is definitely an interesting yet gripping read!

A woman who was kidnapped by a man and was kept in his soundproof garden shed at the back of his house. She gave birth to a boy while she was kept captive and the book is narrated by her 5 year old son, Jack, who spent his entire life locked in a small room. 

If you have dreams of living an adventurous life, this is for you.

A modern classic that tells a story of a shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. It documents his experiences and imparts wisdom of listening to our hearts and to follow our dreams.

A deeply moving and life-affirming book that is bound to give you motivation to live.

A book that revolves around being alive and it underlines a remarkable skillful man who unfortunately has his life taken away at a young age. Warning: you may get a little sniffy with this book!

A light-hearted read book to read!

This book is about Sophia Amoruso’s story about her childhood, and her successful business venture, Nasty Gal! Funny and entertaining at the same time, yet it does provide¬†motivational push. Highly recommended!

An aesthetically pleasing book with filled with filled with photographs and poetry.

A book by YouTube sensation Connor Franta, who shares about his life experiences like an open diary, in a witty and genuine way through his poems.

An adventure capitalist who ties her travels to personal evolution through this book.

A travelogue that do not focus on the destination but the journey itself. This book is based on Paige’s and her husband’s travel experiences and how it changed their perspective and helped them grew as a person.¬†

A heart warming story that is bound to give you something to think about.

A story of a¬†to a Yasuo Takamatsu’s loss, recovery and determination to reunite with his wife whom he lost to the tsunami during the Great East Japan earthquake.

A must-read book for anyone striving to succeed.

An inspiring read for anyone who is looking to be successful with their big goals with academic analysis and discussions. 

Share with me what’s on your current reading list, I would love to know! ūüôā

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