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Bridesmaids’ Proposal SUCCESS!

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After the proposal, an immediate thing that came to mind was to involve my girlfriends and get them to be officially a part of my wedding journey and planning process. To be honest, we are no where near 20% in terms of wedding planning/preparations. Everything is still very sketchy at the moment. But well, at least the first step is done: and that is getting my girlfriends to officially be a part of my bridal party. They all said YES and I am overjoyed! 🙂

I was looking for cool and funky ideas on pinterest but none of them sat well with me. I reckon some ideas I found were quite cute and perhaps, you could use them for your future planning.

Quotes like: “I couldn’t say I do without you” / “I need your help to hold up my dress while I pee” / “I am depending on you to make my pinterest wedding a reality” / “Will you help keep my shit together?”

How cute, right?

Instead, I just went directly, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and I threw a surprise (mermaid themed) picnic where I presented to them with some “proposal gifts” including a personalized hat with each quote that I personally came up with for them, a wine glass with their names written at the bottom, a special customized bracelet from Michael Trio, HIC Juices with a personalised cover sticker saying “Will you be my bridesmaid?, floral crowns from Floral Magic, a bridal robe with their names on the back from Cotton On Body and tote bags to store all the gifts from Muji.

I got a lot of the gifts including the picnic mats and the love balloon that I used for the set up from ETSY. ETSY is such a fabulous place to go if you’re looking for quirky, creative and cool stuff, especially hand made or with a customisable option. I swear I spent a good 4-5 hours on the website browsing through every nook and cranny of it, to find gifts that I thought would be relevant and appropriate for this occasion. I was seriously spoilt for choice and really surprised at the amount of creativity going around.

It was the hardest thing ever keeping all these plans a secret mission for a good month or two, but I am quite proud of myself for actually succeeding. I told them that I wanted a meet up to discuss some initial wedding plans with them so none of them suspected anything more. And thank God my girlfriends are such an obliging bunch!

We experienced the most golden of sunsets and I think it was such a perfect moment for us to all remember.

These girlfriends have grown with me since my teenage/childhood years. Most have known James & I since Secondary school days, studied together with us, travelled together, celebrated countless numbers’ of Christmas’s and New Year’s, and journeyed with us over the years.

Our wedding is just the beginning for the years that lie ahead but I am confident that my dear friends will be sticking through it all with us, through thick or thin, sickness or health and I really cannot be any more blessed for these angels in my life.

It’s official now. My bridal party is formed and we’re one step closer!

A big thank you and many hugs & kisses to Phillane from Med Karlek, who styled the entire picnic on my behalf, helped me with writing the cards, designing the HIC Juice bottles sticker and filling up all the missing gaps of this Bridesmaids’ proposal; to Clare, my amazing wedding planner for being so ever ready to lend a hand and coming down before us to set up the area with Phillane; to Melvin for all the beautiful photos; Rainer for capturing footages and piecing together that beautiful video for our keeps; to James for being the sweetest and most supportive partner ever; as well as HIC Juice, Floral Magic Abel from Cotton On for always supporting me!

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